There’s a Lot of Buzz About the New RealPlayer Cloud

  • "I’ve been testing RealPlayer Cloud on all these devices… I think RealPlayer Cloud is well-designed and makes storing and sharing videos easy across different devices."

    – Walt Mossberg

    Wall Street Journal
  • "The best thing about RealPlayer Cloud is its integrated SurePlay technology…. With SurePlay built in, RealPlayer Cloud can play just about any video file on just about any device."

    – Jaymar Cabebe

  • "With its new service, RealPlayer Cloud, the company is seeking to eliminate the hassles that can make sharing personal videos a challenge."

    – Nick Wingfield

    New York Times
  • "… designed to facilitate seamless sharing and online storage for all of your non-DRM protected video. It's actually quite slick."

    – Andrew Tarantola

    New York Times