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Move Content Between Devices

You're always on the move - your memories should be too. It's easy for files to get trapped on one of your devices, never in the right place when you need it to be. RealTimes lets you wirelessly move your content between devices with ease.


We know what it's like when you're away from home and wish you had that one picture from your holiday to show everyone, but unfortunately it’s saved on your home computer. Since RealTimes can automatically save your photos and videos to the cloud, simply log in to your RealCloud account on any device and your entire library is at your fingertips. You can even download photos and videos from RealCloud and save them on any device for offline viewing.

Wi-Fi Transfer

Stop looking for cables and emailing yourself pictures. We've made it easier than ever to move photos and videos between all of your devices. Just open RealTimes on your smartphone or tablet and connect to the same wireless network that your computer is using to copy your collection with the click of a button.