RealPlayer Plus 18 Features

RealPlayer Features +

Premium PC Features

Using RealPlayer on your PC provides a bundle of extra features to make managing your media library and doing more with your videos and music simple.

Digital Recording

Do you still have old records or cassette tapes laying around that you'd like to convert into digital formats? With a paid RealPlayer account and the right equipment, you can do just that. When you convert your records and tapes to a digital format you can save them in good quality forever and listen to them on all your devices.

RinseĀ® Music Cleaner

Does it drive you a little bit mad every time a song comes on without the right title, artist, or album artwork? The Rinse Music Cleaner sifts through your music library and restores and repairs missing or incorrect information. Use the Rinse Music Cleaner to fix songs one by one or fix them all automatically. It couldn't be easier.