RealPlayer Plus 18 Features

RealPlayer Features +

Download Online Videos

RealDownloader has been a favorite feature of our users for years. This simple browser plugin lets you download online videos with one click for offline viewing in your RealPlayer Library.

Bring Videos with You

You can download videos from the web onto your PC so they are readily accessible when you want them. This is ideal for watching videos when Internet access is not always available like on flights or your commute to work.

Download Like a Pro

The RealDownloader works great with almost any type of video format you want to save, and you can even queue up and download multiple videos simultaneously. The latest version is faster and more powerful than ever and we are working hard to make sure it is compatible with as many browsers and across as many websites as possible.

Manage Collections

Photo and video collections grow almost daily and are usually saved in different storage spots across smartphones, tablets, and computers. RealPlayer makes these collections easy to manage all in one place so you can find what you need, when you need it.


The RealPlayer timeline allows you to organize content by date and location. Simply use your connected devices with RealCloud, and even the silly memories recorded years ago are easy to find.

Live Albums

Use Live Albums to keep your friends and family updated with your latest photo and video memories without posting them publicly. You can notify only the people you want when you add a new photo or video to an album.

Keep Your Videos Private

Now you can securely hide videos stored in your RealPlayer Library. Simply assign a PIN to the videos in your library that you want to keep private. Anyone who uses your PC will not be able to see or access these videos without using your PIN.

Store & Back Up

RealPlayer helps you keep your memories safe in the cloud and your hard drives lean so all you have to worry about is what to film next.

Upload to Your RealCloud

RealCloud is your personal online spot to store your photos and videos. For 100GB storage, simply sign up for an 100 GB account.

Keep Your Memories Safe

We know how precious your photos and videos are and that you'd like to hold onto them forever. We securely store them in RealCloud so you can rest assured they'll be protected even if you lose your phone or your hard drive fails.

Always Ready to Play

Add videos in any format to your collection in RealCloud and they will be automatically converted to several different formats, ready to play on any device, no matter the make, size, or connection. We do all the work for you so you don’t have to think about what video format your device supports.

Access from Anywhere

Your RealPlayer account connects to your personal RealCloud. When you save videos and photos in RealPlayer, you can enjoy your photos and videos wherever you have an Internet connection no matter if you're at home, on holiday or on the bus.

Stream to TV

Getting your pictures and videos on your TV couldn't be easier. RealPlayer works with Chromecast, Roku, and Xbox One so you can wirelessly display and stream your collections on the big screen. Sit back and share your memories with your friends and family as you all watch them on the big screen.

HD Streaming

Stream your photos and videos in HD on your HDTV using a premium RealPlayer account.

Convert Videos

RealPlayer takes the headache out of trying to figure out what video format your device supports. Once you’ve uploaded the videos to your RealCloud account they are converted automatically to play on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Looking to convert a video to a specific format? You can easily do that with the video format converter tool in RealPlayer.

Always in the Right Format

We know every one of your devices prefers one video format to another. That's why when you upload a video into RealCloud, it is automatically saved in multiple formats (don't worry, it only takes up the space of the original file).

This means that no matter where you play the video or who you share it with, it will play in the best quality and format for that device.

Play in HD

Enjoy your HD videos in their best viewing format on all your devices with high quality video playback.

Playback and Streaming Quality

With a premium RealPlayer account, you benefit from viewing your content in the best possible video quality. Regardless if you're streaming on your phone from the cloud, or watching videos on your TV, we pack in all the pixels.

All the Formats Supported

With added support for DivX, MKV, and more, you can rest assured that RealPlayer will be able to play the majority of your videos with ease.

Burn Music CDs

RealPlayer has built-in CD burning software so you can create CDs of your favorite playlists with just the click of a button. The software automatically crossfades between tracks to create smooth transitions between songs.

Burn Hi-Def Video

In this digital age, there are still times when you may need a physical DVD. Use the advanced DVD burning capabilities included with a paid RealPlayer account to make physical copies of your video library. Burn professional quality videos and movies that you can play on Blu-ray or standard DVD players. This capability supports AVCHD, DVD, and SVCD.

Trim Videos

Sometimes you just want to capture the funniest or most interesting parts of a video. The Trim tool in RealPlayer allows you to clip and trim your videos, leaving you with just the important bits you want. Whether it's the exact frame or sound patterns you want to eliminate, you just need to mark your start and end points on the video and the Trim tool takes care of the rest.

Store More in the Cloud

Not everyone needs gigabytes upon gigabytes of storage for their personal photo and video library. RealPlayer comes in, a variety of subscription options, so you can have as much or as little storage as you need to keep your life’s memories safe and easily accessible.

Premium PC Features

Using RealPlayer on your PC provides a bundle of extra features to make managing your media library and doing more with your videos and music simple.

Digital Recording

Do you still have old records or cassette tapes laying around that you'd like to convert into digital formats? With a paid RealPlayer account and the right equipment, you can do just that. When you convert your records and tapes to a digital format you can save them in good quality forever and listen to them on all your devices.

Rinse® Music Cleaner

Does it drive you a little bit mad every time a song comes on without the right title, artist, or album artwork? The Rinse Music Cleaner sifts through your music library and restores and repairs missing or incorrect information. Use the Rinse Music Cleaner to fix songs one by one or fix them all automatically. It couldn't be easier.