Store & Back Up

RealTimes helps you keep your memories safe and your hard drives lean so that all you have to worry about is what to film next.

Upload to your RealCloud

RealCloud is your personal space where we store your photos and videos. You get 2GB free storage space just by signing up, and an extra 5GB if you turn auto-backup on for any of your devices.

Or you can get 100 GB storage and much more with a Premium account.

Keep your memories safe

We know how precious your photos and videos are, and that you'd like to hold onto them forever. That's why we store them for you securely and privately, so you can rest assured they'll be safe even if lose your phone, or your hard drive fails.

Always ready to play

Add videos of any format to your collection in the RealCloud and they will be automatically converted to several different formats, ready to play on any device, no matter the make, size or connection.

Access from anywhere

The RealTimes app on mobile, desktop or web connects to your personal RealCloud. That means you will always be able to access and enjoy your photos and videos no matter if you're at home, on holiday or on the bus.

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