Share Photos & Videos

Your memories are meant to be shared. Whether you are showing off first steps with family or keeping friends updated with your latest holiday, RealTimes lets you share all your moments, no matter how big or small.

Painless sharing

Sharing your photos and videos isn't always as easy as you think it should be, especially when it comes to large albums and long videos in foreign formats. RealTimes takes the pain away by automatically converting your files into the correct format for the person (or people) on the receiving end – they don't even need the app!

Share how you want to

RealTimes speaks to all your favourite platforms so that you can get your files across in the way that works best for you. Send a large video via text or WhatsApp without using loads of data, embed your video Story straight to Facebook or Twitter, send an email or just paste a link in a chat. The best option is completely up to you.

Live Albums

It can be time consuming to keep your friends and family updated with all your latest photo and video memories without posting them publicly, which is why RealTimes lets you create Live Albums. This means the people that you choose will be notified once you add a new snap or Story to an album – it's like they're there with you!

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