RealTimes Features

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Create Stories

RealTimes saves every picture and video taken on your smartphone or tablet, selects the best shots and automatically turns them into beautiful video stories. Share videos of captured memories with friends and family, and watch them on any device.


RealTimes automatically suggests stories for you based on timeframe and location. No more scrolling through endless timelines and sluggish uploading to find the images or videos you want to include in a RealTimes Story.


Just press Play. Once a RealTimes Story is created either manually or automatically you can watch and share it instantly. Easily edit the Stories with the enhanced features that let you choose different content, music, and effects.


When automatically creating RealTimes Stories, we comb through your pictures and videos in the background and ignore duplicates and ugly, blurry pictures, choosing just the best moments with the most smiles.

It's that easy, now all you've got to do is share your RealTimes Story.

Upgrade the Experience

RealTimes is available in Free and Premium editions. Both editions can be used to create automatic or manual Stories. Premium gives you a whole lot more. You can create unlimited length Stories, have the ability to customize them with even more music and effects, and experience full HD-quality playback on any device. Give it a try.