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Love is Viral: Online Wedding Proposal Videos

by Alane Jewel on February 10, 2013

wedding proposal videosBefore the explosion of social media and online video sharing sites, a marriage proposal was often a low-key event, shared between two lovers and retold to family and friends verbally. In the most traditional relationships a man would get down on one knee, confess his undying love for his girlfriend, and ask her to be his wife. In more traditional settings, the wedding proposal probably happened after the man asked the woman’s father for permission for his little girl’s hand.

With a growing love of technology on the rise, marriage proposals are more than a fleeting private moment between the couple. They can be immortalized through online video with song, dance, video, friends, family and even engagement with strangers walking down the street. As social networks have grown so has the popularity of social proposals. With Valentine’s Day around the corner anyone planning to propose can watch marriage proposal videos for tips on web sites like YouTube for inspiration.


Maybe you are already married and are looking for a fun way to spend the most romantic day of the year with your spouse. Watching a few wedding proposal videos before a candlelight dinner is a modern way to bring excitement to the day. Whether you’re a divorcee looking for love another time around or have been married for decades, you can watch a few heartfelt marriage proposal videos to pass the time.

There are proposal videos that involve carefully choreographed numbers that employ actors and friends of the couple. More than 17 million people can’t get enough of an inventive anc creative proposal involving friends and even a marching band. Isaac had his girlfriend Amy riding in the hatch back of a Honda CRV that slowly rolled down the road while friends of the couple created a performance of a lifetime for her, dramatically acting out the words to a love song. It’s now known as “Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal.” All the romantics out there will be happy to know they’re still making music together.

Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Some people are just less creative but still want to propose in a memorable way. If you can’t think of your own words, grab inspiration from someone else’s talent, like celebrity Jamie Foxx. The tear-jerking lyrics of his marriage proposal song might convince anyone to say “yes.”

Jamie Foxx Proposal Song with Lyrics


What’s more romantic than the perfect date movie with the one you love? There’s one video within a video where a man manages to get part of his proposal on the big screen in a movie theater during the previews. This video ends with the man “walking off the screen” and into the theater itself. In the year and a half since this video was posted on the YouTube channel Making the Movies Jealous, more than 25 million people have watched Matt ask Ginny to marry him. He has even used time-lapse video techniques to add some drama to the pending proposal. The couple has turned this viral video into a series of videos that capture the most momentous events in their lives.

Let’s not forget the recent wedding proposal that also flaunts some of the functionality of the Google Nexus 7 tablet. In this video, Raj who is proposing to his girlfriend Aditi finds love in every day objects. He has involved friends and family in his video and has even provided many of those in the video with an “I Heart Aditi” shirt.


Single and could think of a thousand things better to do than watch a happy go lucky love fest? Although most marriage proposals videos online turn out, hopefully, to be “happily ever after.” Truth be told, sometimes people do say “no” to marriage proposals. Pop some popcorn and nestle into the couch and enjoy the sweet taste of voyeuristic rejection via online video. If you’re looking to avoid Valentine’s Day, get a few laughs watching some of the failed marriage proposals YouTube has to offer. Some of the settings include proposals at live basketball games and live baseball games. Get a laugh by watching a montage of failed marriage proposals below.

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What was your favorite marriage proposal video above? Do you have another must see proposal video you’ve come across online? Share your thoughts below.

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1 Kisha Haraway March 27, 2013 at 12:04 pm

The last one is amazing ))

2 ruben June 8, 2013 at 11:05 am

10 freeway wedding proposal in west covina california. Traffic stops and biker uses the opportunity to burnout with a special tire, gets off his motorcycle and proposes.

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