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When TV Shows Go Online – It's Much More Than Just Watching TV Shows Online

by Geoff Talbot on September 13, 2012

watch bones tv show onlineWatching TV shows online or on an actual TV at a designated time can be addictive. For some TV shows, fans simply can’t get enough of the characters by watching the TV show.

A real fan is never satisfied; they are always hungry for more. They look for ways to learn more about the plot and find out how the TV program was made. Getting the inside scoop on the actor behind a favorite character is often at the top of their information gathering lists. They want to become an expert about the TV shows they love.

The good news is the major television networks are becoming increasingly aware of the fans insatiable appetite for more information and they are starting to produce extra video content for those TV shows online to satisfy their fans desires. Using the second screen on your lap you can now watch a whole lot more video content; the TV watching experience is now far more interactive. While many networks have YouTube channels, the best place to find and watch bonus videos is by visiting the TV shows online websites and/or in some cases on Hulu Plus.


Creating high quality, interactive ancillary video content is a new process for many of the TV shows. Here are some of the TV shows that offer a lot more content online:

Bones: One of the shows currently creating video for the second screen is Fox Network’s “Bones.” All of the content is hosted on the Fox Network website and there is plenty for the fans to enjoy online.

The show, a dark and quirky drama about a forensic scientist with a special gift for finding out exactly why a person died, uses the characters and the subject matter to create a fascinating second screen experience.  From watching clips of the shows best (or worst) gross out moments, to short vignettes of the actors talking about their characters, Bones is an industry leader on the second screen.

One of the most creative uses of “second screen video” is a series of interviews with psychics about the future storylines and predictions about what may happen to certain TV show characters this season; unique content that really engages the fan in a creative way. Going to the Bones website offers fans much more than just watching the tv show online.

The Voice: Reality TV has been at the front of the pack in the race to make television more interactive for quite a few years. From contestant-based shows (like The Voice, Big Brother, and America Idol) to viewer content-created shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos there is something about reality television that naturally lends itself to interactivity. Perhaps this is because the content is based around our very human and sometimes voyeuristic fascination with the lives of others.

In any case, NBC’s The Voice is doing an excellent job creating appealing video content for the second screen. Contest type shows like The Voice tend to divide the viewing audience up into tribes of fans. Groups of people, who identify, support, and love one particular contestant and who are motivated to do almost anything to help them win.

The Voice, creates separate pages on their website for each contestant that includes their individual Twitter account as well as individual Facebook Fan pages. Through these channels Fans can view behind the scenes interviews with their favorite contestants, watch and listen to clips of their individual performances, and share their favorite videos with friends. Reality TV shows online presence is often just as important to fans as the show itself.

The Big Bang Theory: A long time sitcom favorite, The Big Bang Theory on CBS has millions of fans around the world. Many of these fans are “geeks,” bright kids who love to see a version of themselves portrayed in a humorous and quasi-cool manner on a TV show. Think Science Fiction addicts and you have captured the essence of a Big Bang Theory fan.

If you love The Big Bang Theory, then you’ll appreciate the website for the TV show online, it offers a straightforward approach to additional content. Simply visit the TV show’s website and watch your favorite clip from an episode. The shows creators have done a great job of splicing the episodes up into a series of great funny moments that are quick to watch and easy to share with friends via social media. They’ve also created additional content around show milestones, such as giving fans the ability to watch video clips of the 100 episode cast and crew celebrations.


The future of the second screen is almost certainly video, especially given the rapid rate of improvement in the video quality that can be delivered to mobile devices. Increasingly the websites of your favorite TV shows are going to act as a server of additional ancillary content and provide social engagement opportunities that amplifies and enhances the enjoyment of your favorite show. The videos from these sites that get shared and start conversations are just another one of many social aspects of television that will keep fans coming back for more.

If you have shows that you love and want to find the behind the scenes scoop visit the TV shows online. For even more juicy content be on the lookout for the hashtag (#) prompts that often appear at the bottom of the television screen while the show airs. Just use the second screen to find the conversation about the show on Twitter and join in. After all, watching TV is an increasingly social event.

What’s your favorite TV show and what extra video content would you enjoy watching? Bones, The Voice and Big Bang Theory have done a great job. Can you help your favorite TV show get the second screen features right? Let us know in the comments below.

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1 khanasad593 October 11, 2012 at 9:58 pm

I remember watching it on Fox when it first came on and boy did I enjoy it. Just never got into watching it on TV. Two summers ago I started watching it online and got addicted, and finished it.

2 ashley June 14, 2013 at 7:50 am

I have been watching Bones for a long time it is my favorite show in the whole wide world!!!!!!

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