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How to Watch the Super Bowl Live Online

by Joe Kukura on January 25, 2013

watch Super Bowl onlineIt’s brother against brother for Super Bowl XLVII, and oh brother are there some nice free and legal options to watch the Super Bowl online. When the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers face off on Sunday, February 3, covers the spread with a free Super Bowl live web feed.  In addition to allowing you to watch Super Bowl live online, separate free streams and apps will allow you to catch all the Super Bowl commercials, the pre-game and post-game shows, and the Super Bowl halftime show featuring Beyonce. The adorable pups of the Puppy Bowl will also be showing their cute little faces throughout the game with a free online stream.


Super Bowl XLVII will be webcast for free at, with links to the same stream also available at and The Super Bowl live online stream will feature live video of the CBS broadcast with the game call of Jim Nance and Phil Simms. Online viewers will also get camera angles not available to the television audience – including the All-22 Coaches Film angle showing all 22 players on the field at once, a feature that has never been made available for free. Other goodies exclusive to the official Super Bowl XLVII webcast will include a “Fan Cam” featuring the current most-favorite angle of online fans watching at that moment, interactive DVR controls allowing for pause, rewind, slow-motion replays, continually updated player statistics, and interactive elements for the second screen experience. The Super Bowl XLVII kickoff is Sunday, February 3 at 6:30 p.m. EST, with the pre-game webcast available online earlier in the day, and the Beyonce halftime show beginning in the neighborhood of 8 p.m. EST, depending on the length of the game’s first half.

Save And Watch Your Favorite Super Bowl Videos

Download your favorite Super Bowl videos online and save them in your personal video cloud. Then you can watch the video on your phone, tablet, and even TV.


Even if the game is a complete dud, you can still rely on some fantastic and entertaining commercials to air during Super Bowl. This year, you’ll find those Super Bowls commercials online at the moment they air. You can watch the commercials live as they air, or afterwards on demand, as many times as you like. To find your favorite commercial after it’s airing, you can sort the commercials by the quarter in which they were televised, or by the name of the company. A built-in voting tool lets you see which commercials got the most “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” reactions from online viewers. Just think – you’ll already know America’s favorite Super Bowl commercials before you even arrive at the workplace water cooler on Monday.


You can watch the Super Bowl on a smartphone, but only if you’re a Verizon customer using the Verizon NFL Mobile app. The smartphone Super Bowl live web feed stream is free, but to Verizon customers only, as Verizon has exclusive rights to broadcast NFL games to mobile phones.

Tablet and iPad users, though, are in a much better field position to watch the Super Bowl. Whether on Android or an iPad, fans can access the online Super Bowl stream for free at or No additional app download will be required, as CBS describes the video player as a “pop-up, browser-based video console optimized for laptops, desktops, and tablets.” The Super Bowl online stream will contain all the camera angle options, all the halftime pageantry, and all the spectacular commercials provided by the television broadcast and the online broadcast.


Yes, Animal Planet is running the Puppy Bowl live online again during the Super Bowl. If you prefer a frisky pooch to a pooch punt, you can watch Puppy Bowl IX online – before or during the Super Bowl – starting at 3 p.m. EST on the Animal Planet website. Animal Planet is also promising a free Puppy Bowl Plus app with additional interactive features and games. The puppies have already been announced on the Animal Planet home page, as well as this year’s halftime show kittens and the hedgehog cheerleaders. In fact, the Puppy Bowl is already on – Animal Planet is broadcasting the live Puppy Cam, showing live puppy footage of the pups scheduled to compete during the February 3rd Puppy Bowl broadcast. Be warned, though, that the live Puppy Cam is nowhere near as eventful as the official, edited Puppy Bowl.

Who is your Super Bowl winning pick? Will Beyonce really sing at halftime? How much time will you spend switching your attention to the Puppy Bowl? Bark your audibles in the comments section below.

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1 kevin January 26, 2013 at 1:55 pm


Go Niners!!!

2 Brad January 26, 2013 at 11:02 pm

Go Ravens! I want Ray Lewis to go out with another Superbowl ring. Hopefully the online Super Bowl coverage will have Ray’s opening and closing celebration.

3 Jonathan Thorp February 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Thank You Joe for this great SB source, after last one i’ve decided to warn football fans about all those streaming scams around.

Warning: Where Don’t Watch Super Bowl 2013

Kind Regards.

4 Jimmmer February 3, 2013 at 5:54 am

Hey guys, I am watching the stream here:

(it has lots of working live streams currently to choose from)

For me, here is my wild predition on whose gonna win: 49ers are just an all around better football team ever since they started Kap. yes ravens have ray lewis and playing with heart. but heart can only get you so far. i dont see flacco rice boldin and lewis beating out Kap, Gore, crabtree, moss and their defensive unit. maybe next year ravens but this year is not your year. Im not an expert but have been watching football as long as i can remember.

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