Edit & Share Videos

RealPlayer Includes Free Video Editing Software

Free Video Editor Lets You Do More with Video

The built-in free video editing feature that comes with RealPlayer is simple to use and can save you valuable space on your computer. Use the video trimmer to edit videos so you can start and end a video where you want and get rid of the rest. It can all be done in three easy steps. Once you have a perfectly trimmed video you can share it with Facebook friends, post it on Twitter, or upload it to YouTube.

Save Pictures from Videos Using RealPlayer’s Video Editing Software

Some videos are so beautifully shot that every frame is a cinematic gem. Why not save those video frames as a photo? You can use those pictures as screensavers for your computer, share them with friends, or transfer them to your mobile device so you always have them with you. RealPlayer’s video editor makes it easy to extract pictures from your videos in just a few seconds.