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YouTube Search is Like Mining For Gold

YouTube recently crunched their own numbers and found that their huge audience of YouTubers is uploading 100 hours of video every single minute. That’s four days worth of videos being posted to YouTube every 60 seconds. That’s almost 16.5 years worth of video posted on YouTube every day. Just for kicks, that’s 5,993 years

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Roundup Of Incredible Car Crash Videos

By Bradley Taylor In the world of casual living comes times of extreme moments that lead to incredible controversy. In the world of driving, car crashes become a generated fear that hits the hearts of anyone who can imagine experiencing what they are seeing. There’s something about watching a car crash; you may want

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How To Make YouTube Videos And Share Them Online

With so much web video content produced every day you’re probably thinking it can’t be that difficult to do it yourself. And you’re right. Shooting and uploading video to YouTube and other sites full of user generated content such as Metacafe and Vimeo isn’t rocket science, though there are a few things you should

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