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Tom is a longtime video producer in the San Francisco Bay Area who brings impressive technical expertise to the RealPlayer blog. With a deep knowledge of video production and programming, he designs interactive media for public spaces and for an impressive portfolio of corporate clients. Tom enjoys demystifying technology, evangelizing on the future of digital media, and watching funny internet cat videos.

What's Your Poision: Dropbox's Streaming Videos, Apple’s New Retina Display, or Facebook's New Video Chat?

There are tons of things happening in the world of video daily. In this edition of video news, we tell you what to expect from the newest version of the Dropbox mobile application, the latest in display technology on the new MacBook Pro, and check-in on this month’s launch of AirTime. DROPBOX  STREAMING VIDEO

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KONY 2012 Shows Viral Video Is On A Streak

If you want to change the world, take notice—viral web videos are the new weapons of mass instruction. In recent weeks, a watershed of online videos has done as much to influence political sentiment than advertising or traditional organizing. The controversial but remarkably successful “Kony 2012” video is one of many recent examples showing

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My 2012 CES Wish List

I didn’t make it to Las Vegas last month for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. (What, give up being snowed-in and bundled up like that kid in A Christmas Story for sun and fun in short sleeves at the year’s biggest tech-geek confab? Well, actually, yes. Please, boss, may I?) But that doesn’t mean

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Dreaming About Streaming

I stream more media than ever before. Nearly all the TV shows and movies I watch are streamed straight to my laptop or, via Apple TV, my home theater big screen. I want more of that, especially since I've severed my cable TV subscription. The options available are already formidable, and they’re growing —

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