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Joe is a San Francisco tech blogger, sports journalist, and regular contributor to the RealPlayer blog. His background writing technical manuals and internet marketing content fostered his interest in web video, while his two years writing for NBC fostered his interest in cracking bad jokes. Joe’s work has been quoted in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on days when their editors made particularly strange decisions.

Watch College Football Live Online

Saturdays are college football game days again, and thanks to the NCAA and ESPN, so are Thursday nights. NCAA football kicks off Thursday, August 30, with several college football live games streaming that night and dozens more being webcast on Friday and Saturday. The 2012 NCAA football season is almost underway, and fans can watch

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Stream NFL Live - Preseason Games Online

The Olympics may almost be over, but that's just making room for the start of another sport. That's right, football is finally back, as the 2012 NFL Preseason is already underway. Once again this summer, you can watch NFL online with the NFL Preseason Live streaming video package. A slew of games is scheduled

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How Can I Watch TV Programs on My PC?

If you are a TV fan who’s use to watching your favorite TV program from your rocking chair be prepared, internet television is going to throw your world into a whole new spin. Recently, the Major Television Networks have launched their video platforms out into cyberspace hoping to capture your attention via any computer

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TV Or Not TV?

So recently I was spending prime-time work hours watching videos at Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's comedy site Funny or Die. All new stuff, all original, and a lot of it funnier and (really noticeable) of a higher professional quality than the funny stuff over on traditional broadcast TV. (Insert “Remember when SNL was

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