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Super Bowl Recipes For Low-Carb Food Fans

by Joe Kukura on January 31, 2013

super bowl recipe chicken wingsSuper bowl recipes often call for super-size calorie and carbohydrate (carb) counts. All those chicken wings, chili, and nachos don’t have to ruin your diet. Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions was to eat a little healthier, but there’s no reason to ditch the diet at a Super Bowl party. Turns out there’s a healthy Super Bowl recipe for nearly every traditional “Super Sunday” dish. When you sit down to watch the Super Bowl, you don’t have to watch your calorie or carb intake when you prepare the dishes seen in this batch of low-carb recipe videos. Enjoy all the comfort food of Super Bowl Sunday without the discomfort of wrecking your diet by checking out these low-carb Super Bowl recipes on YouTube where the characters preparing the food are almost as entertaining as the game itself.


Whether it’s about five degrees outside or a balmy Super Sunday, kitchens across America will still be cooking a big old pot of chili for the game. The carb-conscious can enjoy a pretty traditional low-carb chili, because there’s not much in chili that has too many carbohydrates – except for the pinto beans. Some carb-counters will just leave the beans out of their chili entirely. Besides the beans, be sure to skip the starchy bread and chips for dipping in to your delicious chili.

How do you make this delicious chili? Chef Michel Nischan, the resident culinary expert for the dLife diabetes advocacy site, shows off his high-protein, low-carb chili recipe in the video below. Chef Michel is a James Beard Award-winning chef who really knows his way around a spice rack, and he’s got a dynamite little method of eliminating almost 90% of the fat of standard ground beef.

For those looking for a low-fat chili recipe, substitute turkey for beef. YouTube diet guru “Sanitary103” walks us through his low-carb turkey chili recipe. Pay special note to his thoughts on the use of kidney beans as an acceptable low-carb substitute.


Nachos are a quintessential football-watching snack, but the carbohydrate and calorie count found in store-bought tortilla chips is off the charts. Here’s one deliciously creative way to make low-carb nachos – use turkey skin instead of tortilla chips! TV actor Adrian Bustamante runs a wildly inventive YouTube web series called Food Deconstructed, where he dallies in dishes like BLT ice cream sandwiches and apple pie ravioli. His much-healthier turkey skin nachos, prepared in the video below are low in carbs, but outrageously high in deliciousness.

If you want to make really healthy nachos, this engaging young veggie lover has a crazy low-carb nacho recipe that substitutes cauliflower for tortilla chips. It might sound blah, but things get pretty tasty when he starts applying some very creative seasonings.

Chicken wings might be America’s favorite football food, but boy are those little suckers high in fat. They don’t have to be – most of the fat in restaurant-style chicken wings comes from the deep-frying and the dipping sauce. You can make low-carb chicken wings by cooking the wings in the oven instead of deep-frying them. This video from has a diabetic-friendly low-carb chicken wing recipe featuring awesome sauce and some great strategies to ensure your oven-cooked wings stay nice and crispy on the outside.


Everybody loves to snack on seven-layer dip at parties, but that’s seven layers of fat and calories. You can easily swap each layer with a deliciously healthy option for a low-carb seven-layer dip that’s still going to disappear quickly. The Buff Chef shows off his fat-free, low-carb seven-layer dip recipe in this video. Of course, those tortilla chips are anything but fat-free and low-carb — but the Buff Chef has some shrewd chip picks that are as diet-friendly as possible.

If you’d like to get extremely healthy – like, vegan raw food healthy. For an even healthier seven layer-dip – like, a raw food vegan seven-layer dip – this low-carb seven-layer dip recipe employs some wild raw food substitutes. Instead of meat and sour cream, “Fave Healthy Recipes” uses cleverly seasoned “walnut meat” and almond sour cream. Since the dish is so healthy, there’s no need to skimp on that delicious guacamole!

Got any of your own crowd-pleasing low-carb Super Bowl recipes? What are your healthy picks for store-bought snacks? Who else will spend the day before the Super Bowl thawing chicken wings and prepping turkey skin chips? Serve up your super culinary tips and suggestions in the comments section below.

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Thanks a lot, its attractive , it makes me want to make some chicken right now .
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