RealPlayer Guest Blog Post Guidelines

We are excited that you are interested in submitting a guest post to the RealPlayer blog. We are building a community resource for video enthusiasts and would love other experts to share their tips and opinions. To ensure the quality of our video resources, we ask all potential guest bloggers to follow the submission guidelines below.

RealPlayer Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Before you start writing your post, first send us an e-mail and describe the video topic you would like to write about. This will help make sure it's a good fit for the RealPlayer blog. We are currently taking guest blog posts on the following topics:
  • Video editing tips and tricks
  • Video technology
  • Video news
  • How to make videos
  • Interviews with video artists
  • Video Codecs
The RealPlayer blog is written for video enthusiasts of all levels. We take posts geared toward people who like to watch videos to people utilizing video codecs. Your guest post topic should clearly fit into one of the categories listed above. All posts should clearly fit into the general theme of helping, educating, or entertaining video enthusiasts. Please include the following information with your submission: your full name, contact info, links to your blog or current website that you write for. Feel free to include links to other writing samples on the topic you will be submitting.

Guest Blog Post Standards is seeking high-quality, unique blog posts that meet the following criteria:
  • Unique content that has not been published anywhere else on the web. (We check all submissions with a plagiarism checker.)
  • Engaging, researched, informative content that goes beyond the basic level of information that is found everywhere online.
  • Have a clear focus. The post should be structured for online reading - Inverted pyramid structure works well.
  • The post should not require heave editing. Posts with bad grammar and punctuation issues will be returned.
  • Be at least 700 words. We are looking for comprehensive blog posts.

RealPlayer Guest Blogging Tips

  • Creativity counts. There are a million articles out there on how to edit videos or how the latest video gadget is cool. Come up with a new and fun angle for a basic and popular topic. Do some research and make sure your blog post angle hasn’t been written hundreds of times. If it has, consider what hasn’t been covered on other video enthusiast blogs? Find ways to be topical and innovative.
  • What video tips or tricks can you recommend? Share your expertise and teach readers something new. Let us know about your video expertise, but don’t sell yourself or your website by including a one to two sentence bio with your post.
  • Aim to grab the attention of readers with an engaging introduction. If readers get hooked early, they will want to keep reading.
  • Take a stand and support your case. What are you passionate about? Discuss pros and cons of video techniques or video gadgets, clearly express your personal opinion, and offer persuasive arguments. Try to end your blog post with a question to spur discussion. We want to build a lively community of video enthusiasts.
  • Originality grabs people’s attention. Read and research all our past blog posts and take note of what topics haven’t been covered. Our blog readers are hungry for fresh topics.
  • Everyone likes a good story. Engage the blog readers with a compelling story, colorful metaphor, or stimulating content. Don’t waste time writing canned articles that you can find on article marketing sites all over the web.
  • Blog posts must be well written with a style and tone that is appropriate for the RealPlayer blog. Read a few posts to familiarize yourself with the RealPlayer tone.
  • Edit and proofread your copy carefully. If you are proofreading your own blog post submission, step away from it for a day or two and read/edit it again.
  • The RealPlayer editor will edit your post prior to publication. All our posts go through one editor to keep our brand, voice, and quality consistent. Internal links to other content on the RealPlayer blog or website may be added to your post.
  • Format your post for easy reading online. Breaking the post into sections with descriptive subheadings, using bullet points, and creating numbered lists provide an easy structure for readers. A visitor should be able to get the general idea of your article by reading the subheads and bullet points. Consider including a check list, chart or diagram if it works for the topic you are writing.
  • Conclude your post in a way that encourages commentary from our RealPlayer blog readers. Ask readers to share their experiences on the video topic. End your article with a question or semi-controversial opinion.

Bio and External Link Guidelines

  • Please provide a short bio (one or two sentences) about you, your business and a link to your website or blog and social sites. Do not be “salesy” or use superlatives in your description. Bios are limited to 80 words.
  • Your post may also include three external links to relevant articles on the Internet. These links should enhance the user experience by providing additional knowledge on the topic you are linking to, but not fully covering in your post. The links can be to your website, blog, or any other reputable site you use as a source. Affiliate links are not allowed.
  • We will select an appropriate photo to go with your post, so you don’t need to include one with your submission. However, if you have an original photo that you own on the topic, feel free to send it with the article.
  • Please submit your blog posts in Microsoft Word .doc format.
  • Give credit to all sources. Keep in mind that all information must come from reputable sources. Linking to government resources and research studies is always good.
  • We can only accept original material that has not been offered to other sites or used elsewhere online.
  • If your blog post is accepted, you grant a license for RealPlayer to be the exclusive publisher. You may link to the RealPlayer blog post or republish short excerpts from it – on your own blog for instance – but the post in its entirety should not be published elsewhere on the Internet. (We use copyright protection software. If you publish the same post on another site, we will receive a notification and ask for you to remove it.)

Submitting Your Guest Post

If your topic has already been approved, e-mail us the guest blog post as a Word document. If your topic hasn’t been approved, e-mail us a short description first of the post you would like to write. You can reach us at Thanks for your interest in writing for RealPlayer – we look forward to reviewing your articles!