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Masterpieces in Minutes: Speed Drawing

by Alane Jewel on February 3, 2013

speed drawingGifted artists can turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece sometimes in as little as a few minutes. Their hands move gracefully over the pristine white surface with barely a smudge or a misstep. Many watch these artists perform their talent in mesmerized silence while budding artists gaze studiously as the masters do their work. Online video has many art genres out there to explore. Why go stalking art shows for live demonstrations when you can watch speed drawing art expressions over and over again in an online video?

We all drew as a child, even with crayons and pencils; each of us can appreciate the talent it takes to create something from nothing on a blank page. Skilled artists work with a number of tools including brushes, pastel, or even charcoal. Drawing is an especially amazing artistic feat to watch given its level of exactness with artists often times using just a pencil. Watching a simple drawing of something like a face come to life before your eyes can be a great form of entertainment. Videos allow artists to capture every moment of their masterpiece. Hours, days, and months of creation are recorded and then presented through video editing in mere minutes.


Your chances of running into an artist creating a masterpiece in a matter of minutes from scratch before an audience are slim. While some simple drawings do really only take minutes, more intricate drawings take several hours. With time-lapse video technology, speed drawing artists vividly bring those faces to life for the world to see faster than you can find a parking space outside of an art show.

Watching artists draw in online videos not only gives the audience the chance to watch the talented artists do their thing, it can demonstrate specific techniques for budding artists and students. Anyone can see the process as it happens simply by accessing these videos through sites like YouTube.


Fans of speed drawing don’t have to travel thousands of miles to see what Russian artist Igor Kazarin can draw; they only have to watch one of the 21 videos he posted since 2009 on his Portrait Drawing YouTube channel. Kazarin draws portraits of celebrities, animals, and others mainly with a technique called dry brush. This technique involves using such a small amount of oil paint that the brush is still fairly dry when the drawing takes place. Kazarin also uses the traditional pencil techniques. To get a better idea of his art check out this speed drawing of Britney Spears by Igor Kazarin:

Foregoing the strict black paint and graphite pencil, Kazarin uses color to bring Britney Spears to life on the page. Over 11 million viewers have watched Kazarin’s techniques and skill online. Yearning for a portrait by Kazarin doesn’t have to be a dream, Kazarin sells portraits made from pictures sent to him on his website.


If you want more than a beautiful face or a piercing gaze, watching the Venezuelan artist known as Garciart on YouTube is another entertaining speed drawing option. This artist draws superheroes like Sub-Zero and a woman known as Maria in his YouTube videos. His pencil drawings can take as little as twenty minutes in real life and five minutes in one of his videos. Becoming part of YouTube in 2006, Garciart has shared his talents with the world accumulating more than 886,000 views of his videos.

Using a simple pencil and white page notebook, Garciart quickly creates a classic comic book character called Venom:


These speed-drawing artists, along with many others can provide you with all the artistic inspiration you need to draw a masterpiece in minutes. Maybe you already have a talent for drawing, then all you need to do is document the process. Share your talent in your own online video.

With some tips for shooting mobile phone videos and your creativity sparked by the endless YouTube art video inspiration, learn to easily make videos of your art endeavors using your smartphone. Add your art to the growing number of YouTube trending videos — it may even launch you as a viral art sensation gaining millions of views.

Who’s your online art inspiration? How do you find art videos online? Have you created your own art video and shared it online? Share your comments below.

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1 photo to pencil sketch February 12, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Thank for the helpful information, I wish to be fast in drawing like Venom and Kazarin !

2 Alane March 13, 2013 at 10:56 am

Just keep practicing, even if it takes you hours or days to complete a drawing, with the right video editing you can present your work in minutes like a professional.

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