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Sand Art: Fleeting Moments and Captivating Video

by Alane Jewel on March 15, 2013

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Give Peace A Chance Sand Art by Ilana Yahav

Grains of sand are usually thought of as impermanent. They are quick to fly away with the wind and change shape when covered in water. Yet, it is the temporary medium of sand in which some artists create their works of beauty.

Most of us are reminded of childhood when we think of playing in the sand. Many artists build elaborate sand castles or more sophisticated sand structures on beaches all over the world every day. Then there are the sand masterpieces that move beyond the beach. Gifted artists create ever-changing sand pictures on flat surfaces with the slightest touch or swipe of a hand. Watching grains of sand fall through the hands of the artist to make words and pictures is a sight to behold.

As is the case with many art videos, capturing these artistic works on camera brings permanence to the fleeting creations. What’s even better is the opportunity to share those creations with the world through online videos. This unique medium draws millions of viewers to popular video sites like YouTube every day.


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Sand artists are not typical artists. They are more all around performers who use their ability to “draw” pictures with dance-like movements of their hands. The most popular sand artists see their work as a life calling. The act of creating sand art becomes a full-fledged performance. Dramatic lighting and harmonious music sets the tempo while the artist concentrates on designing a breathtaking picture using grains of sand. Often a wordless story is told through a series of pictures that change as quickly as they are made. The drama culminates with a creation infused with feeling.

Kseniya Simonova of Ukraine broke the bounds of pop culture with a performance on Ukraine’s Got Talent four years ago. She wowed audiences when she animated a story of a war-torn couple in World War II. Not only did Simonova win the Ukrainian competition, the video of the performance also instantly became an online sensation. Simonova’s original YouTube channel began in 2009 following her win. The channel boasts 117 videos. She has continued her work on her newest YouTube channel SimonovaTV with 116 more videos. Watch Kseniya Simonova’s performance below in her Sand Animation video:


Ilana Yahav of Israel is another amazing sand artist sharing her talents with the world via a YouTube channel. Yahav started drawing in the sand as a child. Over the years she has perfected her talent to achieve worldwide recognition through live and video performances. Like Simonova, Yahav tells emotional stories with her art to make an impression on her audience. Yahav has currently has 15 videos and over 13 million views at her YouTube channel Sand Art – Ilana Yahav.  Watch her create Give Peace A Chance in the video below:

Sand art makes its American debut on America’s Got Talent in early 2012. In season 7, show Joe Castillo auditions with a patriotic sand art performance. His Patriotic Sand Art creation could easily be a piece of art in someone’s collection. Not all sand art tells such a poignant story. As spring nears, take a trip through the four seasons in this YouTube sand animation video on the channel Franzhun Csatornája by sand artist Ferenc Cakó.


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What sand art video moves you? What’s your sand art story? Share your favorite sand art video you’ve discovered online here.

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1 Vape Forest March 18, 2013 at 5:17 pm

Never seen “sand art” such as this. A castle made of sand, sure, but nothing like what can be seen in these videos. The second video, in particular, is amazing. Thanks for this!

2 Real Team March 18, 2013 at 5:29 pm

Sand art videos are pretty amazing entertainment! It is more an interactive form of performance art. It will be cool to see how many more artists come out of the woodwork as the genre grows in popularity.

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