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RealPlayer Cloud is Available on the New Amazon Fire Phone

by RealPlayer on July 25, 2014


Move over iPhone –  Amazon’s first smartphone blazes into stores today. Aptly named Fire,  this smartphone is added to Amazon’s themed-device suite which includes the Kindle and Fire TV. The Fire phone offers users direct access to the widespread library of Amazon-offered content: videos, books, music and apps. Amazon has also built in functionality with real users in mind to make it the ultimate mobile retail device, allowing you to shop for physical products from Amazon’s website. The phone is only available on AT&T‘s network for $199 with a two-year contract, and comes with 32GB of storage and a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime. And while it also comes with unlimited storage for photos, this is not the case for videos. But this is where the RealPlayer Cloud app picks up the slack!

Available for download in the Amazon Appstore for Android, RealPlayer Cloud provides the easiest way to watch, store and share your videos taken on your Fire phone. RealPlayer Cloud features that make video capturing on the go a breeze include:

  • Capture videos on your Fire phone and store in RealPlayer Cloud (RPC). Since the Fire phone does not allow for unlimited video storage, RPC can help out when you run out of Fire phone space. RPC comes with 2GB of space for free and additional space can be purchased. When you run out of space on your phone, simply upload your videos to RPC, and then delete from your phone so you can continue to capture new videos.
  • Watch the videos you capture with Fire phone on your big screen TV using Fire TV, Roku or Chromecast. So ALL those vacation videos you capture on the go can finally be enjoyed when your friends and family get together.
  • Share your phone videos with friends and family via text or email, or on Facebook and Twitter.  You can upload videos to RPC on the go, then immediately share them. The cool and unique thing about the RPC app is that your friends and family don’t even have to have the app to view the videos.
  • Store the downloaded videos you have on your PC to your RPC account, and then watch them on your Fire phone RPC app when on the go. Traveling is so much more fun when you can stay entertained.
  • You don’t have to worry about formatting your videos for watching across your phone, PC or TV – or when you share videos - the RPC app automatically takes care of the formatting so you can watch immediately. Or as we like to say, it happens automagically!

Happy Fire phoning!

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