Watch Videos In Private Mode

RealPlayer’s Private Video Mode

Create a Private Video Library with a Hidden Video Folder

Have a library full of videos that aren’t kid-friendly? Use the Private Mode in RealPlayer to keep the videos hidden. Just like the parental controls on a TV, RealPlayer private video mode uses password protection to help you keep R rated videos away from your children. Since they are hidden videos kids won’t even see them in your RealPlayer library.

Download Videos to A Hidden Folder with the Private Video Mode Feature

See a video online that you want to watch once the kids go to bed? Use the RealPlayer Private Mode to download online videos to a hidden folder. We automatically rename the videos to anonymous file names so they won’t draw attention if other people use your computer. Turn existing videos in your RealPlayer library to private. Playback the videos whenever you want without leaving a history on your computer. If someone comes by, simply press the ESC button to quickly hide or mute the video playing. With RealPlayer private video mode, you have complete privacy.