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Introducing the RealPlayer Video Visionary Award – Humanitarian

by Real Team on June 14, 2012

RealPlayer Video Visionary HumanitarianIt’s no secret that video can have powerful effects on us as humans. A good video like a good book can change a person’s perspective on a topic or move them to lend a helping hand. When we see those types of videos — especially coming from non-profit organizations — we can’t help but take notice. We are even more impressed with the creativity and innovative ways non-profit organizations are using video to share their message.

With that in mind we have been scouring the web in an effort to identify non-profit organizations producing powerful video content. What we have discovered thus far is astonishing, which is why we want to recognize their efforts with the RealPlayer Video Visionary Award – Humanitarian. Later this month we’ll be announcing our first recipient here on the blog with an article highlighting the video, the organization, and of course information on how you can become involved in the cause.

We are going to be presenting a RealPlayer Video Visionary Award – Humanitarian monthly. We see this award as a community effort and want to enlist your help in finding these remarkable recipients. We invite you to submit your own nominees for this award and share your thoughts on non-profit organizations that you feel are creating innovative video content.

In order to submit a non-profit organization for submission, please take the following steps when leaving a comment below:

1) Include the name and URL for the non-profit organization you have selected

2) Briefly describe why you think this organization would be a good fit, and what about their video content caught your eye

3) Include URL’s to specific videos or YouTube channels so we can easily review your submission

Remember, all you need to do to nominate a non-profit is submit a comment below with the information listed above. There is no e-mail address or form to complete.

We are absolutely ecstatic about this award program and look forward to sharing our first recipient later this month. Stay tuned to the RealPlayer blog for more information.



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1 Anita York June 14, 2012 at 8:34 pm

I do social media for a living and I’ve never seen anyone utilize video and social media the way Eldad does.
He films and edits and posts all the videos himself. He is an amazing, selfless man who saves the discarded, abandoned, tossed out like garbage animals that deserve so much more from us. Hope you have a hanky handy. The videos speak for themselves.

Thank you.

Here’s his Youtube Channel. Take your pick they’re all wonderful but here’s my favorite:

2 Joni June 15, 2012 at 10:11 am

Thanks for the submission. The stories in the video are heart-warming.

3 Paul Tilsley June 15, 2012 at 2:27 am

Paul Tilsley Whoa it is rare that a non profit org makes its own videos. I Was approached 7 years ago personally by Nelson Mandela for my production company to make fund raising videos for his non profit Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Also for aids orphans charity NOAH here in South Africa to do similar. Like producers the world over, I make these videos pro bono – not for profit but for free, videos using the time and facilities at our expense . Let’s remember the non profit folks good tho they are get a salary for their work – I doubt 10% of the non profit videos are made by the organisations, wouldn’t it be fairer to recognise the real heroes who give their time to produce for the non profits, for the cause?

4 Joni June 15, 2012 at 10:12 am

Please feel free to submit some of the videos you do for non-profit organizations.

5 Patricia Wiggins July 2, 2012 at 12:05 pm

My nomination for the Non-Profit to be honored in your Real Player Video Visionary Award is “Give Kids The World”, which is a non-profit organization in Celebration, Florida that provides a full week of Dreams Coming True for Kids with Terminal Illnesses AND their entire immediate family. Give Kids The World is on 70 acres & has a full movie theater, a full restaurant, an ice cream parlor, a chapel, a magical castle, & it’s own amusement park where kids won’t be stared at because they’ll be with kids just like themselves. EVERYTHING within these 70 acres is devoted to the ill child and their family. Eighty percent of the families coming to Give Kids The World for a 6 day vacation are sent to there through Make-A-Wish Foundation, but others are sent from similar organizations. While the family is there, they are given tickets to ALL of the major attractions in the Orlando, Florida area, such as Disney, Busch Gardens, Epcot, etc, etc. and ALL of their tickets, food AND transportation for the entire week is covered! They also have events on site for the children, such as the Ice Cream for Breakfast Social, The Hearts of Reality Weekend, etc. etc., which brings TV Celebrities, as guests into the 70 acre park to interact with the children & raise money for the charity. This is one of THE most heartwarming charities I’ve ever witnessed. I hope you’ll consider it for your award. I have given you the link to their You Tube Channel where they have MANY youtube videos to view.

Thanks to EVERYONE at Real Player for the years & years of service you have provided to me & many others.


Patricia Wiggins

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