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Google Chromecast Now Streams to RealPlayer Cloud
Google announced 10 new apps for Google Chromecast, including support for RealPlayer Cloud, the new video player and cloud service from Seattle-based RealNetworks. The integration will let RealPlayer Cloud users ‘cast’ their personal videos from devices to the television via the Chromecast dongle.
RealPlayer Cloud Stores Videos Online and Allows for Easy Sharing
Real boasts that its new service reformats videos to best suit the device to which you stream or download them …..I think RealPlayer Cloud is well-designed and makes storing and sharing videos easy across different devices.
RealPlayer Cloud Simplifies Video Sharing
Videos come in a bewildering array of formats that often require tinkering to get them to play on devices other than what they were created on. That’s where RealPlayer Cloud comes in.
Internet Pioneer RealNetworks Seeks Revival
With its new service, RealPlayer Cloud, the company is seeking to eliminate the hassles that can make sharing personal videos a challenge.
RealNetworks Unveils RealPlayer Cloud in Video Service Bid
The service is aimed at a still-vexing problem for many consumers of easily moving, storing and watching their videos on the myriad of devices that have cropped up over the past several years.
RealNetworks Bets On Cross-Device Video Sharing With RealPlayer Cloud
RealPlayer Cloud isn’t just about mobile. Instead, it’s about being able to view video content on any platform, including the TV.
Rob Glaser: Raising RealNetworks From The Dead
RealPlayer Cloud is addressing something that’s pretty tough; that is, syncing up videos among multiple devices — even Roku TV set-top boxes — and formats . . . Rob’s engineers have built a back-end system that makes this brain-dead easy for users.
Once-Mighty RealNetworks Returns to Battle for Soul of Web Video
. . . RealPlayer Cloud, an online video service that seeks to provide the modern Internet with a missing piece: a way of readily moving videos between disparate devices, from Android tablets to iPhones to televisions.
With its new cloud player, RealNetworks is trying the next big turnaround
RealPlayer Cloud is a new product the company is launching to address the growing desire among consumers to share videos they have recorded with their phones and tablets . . . Real wants to open up the living room to personal media through its Roku app.
Real Networks Is Back To Whip Your Home Movie Collection Into Shape
I came away very impressed. The cloud-based service is fast—I could start watching a video that was only half uploaded without issue—and it takes the guesswork out of converting and sharing video
RealNetworks’ service expands video sharing
RealNetworks’ RealPlayer Cloud service lets users share, stream and watch video without having to worry about whether it’s compatible with their device. The company is trying to solve several confusing and cumbersome steps consumers often face when sharing video from incompatible iPhones and Androids . . . or instantly watching it on a high-definition TV.
RealPlayer Cloud launches with cross-platform storage and video playback
Perhaps the best thing about RealPlayer Cloud is its integrated SurePlay technology, which essentially eliminates any potential incompatibility issues between specific devices and file types. With SurePlay built in, RealPlayer Cloud can play just about any video file on just about any device.
RealNetworks Fights for Web Eyeballs With Cloud Video Service
(Real Player Cloud) is particularly interesting because it bucks the trend of attempting to close Internet video viewers off into a particular ecosystem and will work on five major platforms including Apple’s iOS, Android, Roku, Windows PCs and direct to any web browser.
RealPlayer Cloud: The web video pioneer aims to be the ultimate hub for all your videos
RealNetworks . . . is once again aiming to reinvent the way we watch videos online with RealPlayer Cloud, a new service that lets you upload video files to the company’s servers, instantly access them across all of your devices, and share them with your friends.
A Comeback Product for Not-Dead-Yet RealNetworks
Enter RealPlayer Cloud, a drop-dead simple cloud based sharing service.
Can the new RealPlayer save RealNetworks?
It’s a simple idea with a deceptively complex solution delivered simply – that’s the strength of the new RealPlayer Cloud service.
RealNetworks aims for comeback with new video software
The new software addresses the problem of incompatibility among video formats on various devices, allowing customers to upload a video which can then be viewed and shared on a PC, a tablet, an iPhone, an Android device or a TV set.
RealPlayer Cloud fuses video player and cloud storage, launches on Android, iOS, PC and Roku HD
It’s combined its upgraded player app with 2GBs of free cloud storage, allowing users to move videos across devices, stream or download them and beam them out to compatible TV sets (via Roku).
RealPlayer Cloud Aims to Make Video Sharing Easy, First 2GB Free
Although there are plenty of services that make sharing photos quick and easy, few of them are brave enough to incorporate video, which is much larger and therefore difficult to manage -- but it's just another day at the office for the folks at Real.
RealNetworks Returns With RealPlayer Cloud

RealNetworks today launched a new cloud service aimed at making it easier for people to share videos anywhere, anytime. The first video player and cloud service in one, RealPlayer Cloud allows users to move, watch, save, and share videos across any device, without the hassle of converting files or plugging in wires.
RealNetworks Rolls Out Video Cloud Storage Service
“Technology-wise, RealPlayer Cloud has the right formula: It is device- and app-agnostic, and combines cloud storage and sharing . . . (RealNetworks) is focusing on the user experience, which is about being able to watch video content on any platform.”
RealPlayer Cloud Lets You Upload, Share and Watch Your Videos Anywhere
The concept behind RealPlayer Cloud is simple: Upload your video content and watch it anywhere. Videos can be streamed or downloaded from RealPlayer Cloud, and the app supports synced playback so you can start a video on one device and finish it on another.
RealPlayer gets appy, mobile and cloudy
The apps give RealPlayer a fresh new interface with intuitive controls for sharing and uploading videos. Nice touches include the ability to pinch and zoom into a video during playback on a tablet or phone, or swipe upward across the screen to increase the volume.
RealNetworks tries to get back in sync with new ‘RealPlayer Cloud’ service
The new RealPlayer Cloud service lets users upload videos for quick to access a variety devices — creating a centralized dashboard of videos for personal use, and making it easier to share videos via email and social media.