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6 Sites To Watch New Movie Trailers Online

by Geoff Talbot on April 23, 2013

movie trailer previewsAs a child “it” was my favorite part of going to the movies.  No, it’s not the overpriced candy and popcorn. It is of course the exciting new movie trailers that would screen prior to the start of the feature film. Before movie trailers were available to watch for free on the Internet, there were only news and advertisements about which films would be coming out soon. The anticipation of seeing these new movie trailers was palpable and they did not disappoint.

Now, of course, movie trailers can be watched online at any time, movie previews are pretty much everywhere in cyberspace. The genre of “the movie trailer watching” has changed, but there are still plenty of places where you can watch them and talk to friends about them.


Movie trailer preview sites are highly competitive, there is nothing quite like an exclusive on an upcoming blockbuster. This means that not all new movie trailers can be found on every site… much like the cinema you have to shop around to find out exactly where your movie trailer preview is playing. So let’s take a look at some of the best movie trailer websites.

MovieFone.Com: On Moviefone there is a wide selection of movie trailers arranged into different categories including movies that are currently in theaters, movies that are coming soon, and movies that are out on DVD.

One of the great things about Moviefone is that you can simply enter your zip code and it will tell you where the actual movie is playing (if it is already in theaters) or you can click on the link and go straight to Amazon where the movie (If it’s been released) can be purchased or downloaded/streamed if it’s available on Amazon’s video on demand service.

Use RealPlayer to download and save movie trailers with just one click. Watch the trailers at your leisure or transfer them to your phone and view it on the way to the theater all for free.

Trailer Addict: The website is custom built for movie trailer addicts. You can watch trailers in full screen HD, download the mobile version, or just sit and watch your favorite movie trailers all night long streaming on your computer.

Best of all, Trailer Addict aggregates all different trailers, video clips, and interviews about each film and aggregates them all together in the one place. The site even offers new movie trailers of  Sundance Film Festival winners. Loads of fun!

Yahoo Movies: The website has a great looking interface on the homepage. Unfortunately, once you click through to watch a movie trailer, the website becomes clunky. That said, Yahoo Movies definitely manages to snag most of the blockbuster movie trailers.

There are options for watching movie trailers in HD and taking part in a community discussion about the trailers. If a new movie trailer catches your attention and is available in theaters, you can click through and book movie tickets online at

iTunes Apple Trailers: Apple has a great range of movie trailer previews in its iTunes database. Due to the popularity of all things Apple, iTunes often manages to get an exclusive deal on new movie trailers.

There is a wide range of new movie trailers available for each individual film and those often include featurette videos; the type of content that used to be reserved for DVD’s only.  iTunes also syncs up with Rotten Tomatoes to show user ratings and reviews of the full length movie. It’s a great place to go to make your “movie watching” decisions.

ComingSoon.Net: Coming Soon really is an all encompassing website for movie lovers with the latest movie news, video interviews, box office reports, and best of all new movie trailer previews.

A word of warning: There is so much content on the website that it can be a little taxing to find the movie trailers that you are looking for, but if you’ve got time on your hands then you could easily spend your whole day on this site drinking in all the movie stuff.

IMDB: The International Movie Database (IMDB) is one of the best places for a movie fan to visit. The site is a vast network containing just about everything relating to movies. From cast and crew biographies and filmographies, to stunning film photos, to box office reports and movie trailers.

The great thing about IMDB is that its movie trailer library is massive. So you can easily watch old movie trailers reminisce about the good old days.


Every now and then you will see a new movie trailer that you just want to watch again and again. Such, addictive trailer watching wets the appetite and builds the anticipation as the release date approaches.

The good news is that you can now use the RealPlayer One Click Video Download Tool to download the movie trailers onto your computer. Once they are saved in the RealPlayer library, show them to friends and watch them whenever you choose without having to go back online. You could even create your own movie trailer library.

Ready. Set. Go. It’s movie trailer watching time.

What’s your favorite part about going to the movies? Is it the new movie trailers? Let us know in the comments below.


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1 Bradley April 24, 2013 at 11:06 am

I never heard of What a cool site. You were right about getting lost on their site. I was just going to take a peek at it and then it was an hour later. Do you know if anyone of these sites get movie trailer previews before the other?

2 RealPlayer April 24, 2013 at 3:28 pm

Glad you checked out and liked it. The one site that tends to get movie trailers first is iTunes, but Moviefone and Yahoo Movies often have the blockbuster hits.

3 Asian Tuber April 25, 2013 at 11:46 am

Rotten Tomatoes is also now playing movie trailers. I think that this is a fairly new feature that they recently rolled out. There is a short delay in buffering but once that completes the trailers stream with no problems. And these are not youtube embeds. The trailers are hosted by Rotten Tomatoes.

4 RealPlayer April 29, 2013 at 12:10 pm

Reviews and trailers. What a great blend. Thanks for sharing.

5 user November 14, 2013 at 7:29 pm

one can watch through very good site, to watch latest movies trailers and about some description about them . highly recommended for those, who loves to see upcoming movies trailer with easiness. highly user friendly website.

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