Transfer Video to Mobile

Transfer Mobile Videos:
Move Videos Between A Phone And PC

Use RealPlayer’s Free Mobile Video Converter To Take Your Videos With You

Do you have a ton of videos on your computer that you’d rather watch on a mobile device? Maybe you travel a lot and would like to take videos of family and friends with you on the road. Do you like to watch videos on your phone during a commute, but have a large library of videos on your computer? There’s no reason to leave your videos at home on your computer when you can easily transfer them to a mobile phone. RealPlayer can quickly turn videos on your computer into mobile videos that can be viewed on your phone. Once they’re on your mobile phone, you can watch them wherever you want regardless if you have an Internet connection.

Use RealPlayer To Load Mobile Videos On A Phone From A Computer

Transferring videos couldn’t be easier with RealPlayer. Simply connect the phone to the computer, open the RealPlayer library, and click on the phone icon. Hover your mouse over the video you want to move, select Copy To, and choose your mobile phone. RealPlayer does the rest. Plus it takes all the guesswork out of formatting mobile videos to play on your phone. You can also easily transfer video from your mobile phone to a computer.

Transfer Mobile Videos Even Faster

Video files are big and moving them from a computer to a mobile device can be time consuming. RealPlayer Plus accelerated transfer speeds up the conversion process so you can watch your videos on your phone with ease. The end result is that you can move video files from your computer up to 100% faster. This is an ideal solution if you have large video files or want to move HD videos to your mobile phone.