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Out Of This World: Meteors, 2012 Asteroid, and Space Videos

by Alane Jewel on April 9, 2013

With an asteroid whizzing past the earth and pieces of a meteorite raining down on Russia in recent weeks, it’s hard not to be aware of what’s going on in outer space. Although we hear of space activity in the media from time to time, many of these spectacular space activities are never visible with the naked eye or even with fancy home telescopes. Unless you have access to billion dollar high powered telescopes, your best bet is to rely on the experts to see what it’s like in space through their footage. What better way to do that then watching space videos online?

We’re already seeing interesting footage coming down from the Mars Rover landing. Occasionally, we get lucky and catch a glimpse of space activity closer to home through amateur and professional photos and videos. There are plenty of online videos available for appreciating the wonders of the night sky and allowing us to continue to dream about galaxies far, far away. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few space videos that are mesmerizing.


It’s a small world after all; at least that’s the way it looks from space. Seeing pictures or video footage of the earth, surrounding planets, stars, or other space matter from outer space really puts things in perspective. So far, scientifically we may be the only humans identified in this galaxy, but there’s always a chance that there is life beyond the planet earth. Just take a peek at how beautiful it can be in the video below entitled, The Unbearable Beauty of the Night Sky:

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The modern technology in satellites and space stations can take photos, videos, and can even provide live streaming video of what’s going on in and around them. We have the ability to see what’s going from places like the International Space Station (ISS), which houses astronauts from around the world. While orbiting the earth the ISS sends back pictures and information to those of us on the ground. It also offers a live video feed via the NASA website. You can also find additional videos, podcasts, and audio recordings of space action. Some of the more exciting videos offered by NASA include a magnificent recording of solar flares.


What’s better than space videos? A time-lapse video created from space footage. Just kicking back to this time lapse masterpiece from space with Beethoven’s “Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor ‘Quasi una fantasia’, Op. 27, No. 2″ playing in the background will makes you want a telescope or in the very least, a desire to watch old episodes of the “X Files” to get a stellar sci-fi fix.

Speaking of the “X Files,” there are a number of kooky UFO videos on YouTube to engage you for hours on end. If you’ve been wondering why we haven’t been back to the moon, you don’t have to watch the Apollo 17 movie to find out. Just check out this video on YouTube.


In recent news, the meteor explosion over Chelyabinsk, Russia on Friday, February 15, 2013 injured more than a thousand people and blew out windows across the region in a white blast captured was by many via video. If you are looking for footage of the historic 2012 Asteroid DA14 or the unrelated meteorite shower in Russia, look no further than YouTube, there are plenty of dash cam videos from that day to sort through. Check out video of the meteor explosion in Russia, it’s like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

After you’ve had enough of planets, asteroids, solar flares, and meteorites get a different view of earth from late 2012 when Felix Baumgartner mad a record-breaking jump from 128,100 feet above the earth. Bounding to the earth through the stratosphere and the atmosphere is something none of us will ever get to do, but through the wonder of video we can share the moment with the more than 32 million other people who have watched a human take off like a rocket, only this time toward the earth rather than away from it.  See Felix Baumgartner as he launches toward the earth in the video below:


There is something truly amazing about space and a bit hypnotic. You might even find yourself watching these videos over and over again. Why not have the videos always at your fingertips, by downloading them? If you don’t already have it, you can download RealPlayer free by clicking the orange button in the top right corner of this page. See a video you like, simply mouse-over the top right corner of the video as it’s playing and click Download This Video. It will be saved to your RealPlayer library so you can watch it whenever you want. Start creating your own outer space magic today.

Do you enjoy space video footage? Do have a favorite YouTube channel for space videos? Share your thoughts below.

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1 Brad April 9, 2013 at 3:46 pm

These space videos are truly fantastic. I never imagined that you could see the arm of the milky way from earth. The time lapsed videos from the international space station where stunning – from the lights on the surface of the planet you can get an idea of just how much man has taken over the planet. The video of the man jumping from a super high altitude balloon down through the atmosphere was almost unbelievable. I will watch these over and over again!

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