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Funny New Year Resolutions Caught On Video

by Joni Blecher on January 6, 2013

funny New Years resolutionWhether you went out on the town on New Year’s eve, headed to see the ball drop in Times Square, or just had a quiet night at home with friends and family, one time honored tradition was probably present: making New Year’s resolutions. It can be intimidating, trying to think about what you might want to change in your life. The good news is there are no rules about making a list of resolutions. The list doesn’t have to be long or incredibly hard to accomplish. It’s just a way of looking forward and thinking about the year ahead.

One thing that the New Year’s resolution list use to be was private. It was something you kept to yourself or told a few friends who could help you keep it. That’s all changing. In today’s socially connected world, there are tens of thousands of people recording their resolutions and posting it to video sharing sites. With that in mind, although it has only been about a week since New Year’s Eve, we think it’s the perfect time to visit a sampling of New Year’s resolutions.


People have only been posting their New Year’s resolution videos online for the past few years, but we wanted to focus on resolutions made for 2013. We rounded up a sampling of New Year’s resolution videos. Some are funny and some are just downright strange. Here are some of our favorite resolutions:

New Year’s Resolution Songs
When you set out to make your New Year’s resolution list do you list things that are hard to achieve? Did you ever think that maybe if you didn’t set the bar so high, you might be able to actually stick to your list? This YouTube video by RhettandLink might inspire you to revise some of your new year’s resolutions and create a more attainable list.

Ever feel like you want to breakout in song when you’re talking? That’s exactly what Alex and Roi, the hosts of Wassabi Wednesdays, are all about when they made their resolutions. They managed to practically piece together their New Year’s resolutions from hit pop songs. We even get a peak at what happens to their big plans after January 1st.

Cat and Dog Resolutions
With all the funny cat videos on the Internet, it’s no surprise that there would be a few resolutions made by cats. Yep, that’s right apparently cats have goals, too. Even if one of them is to prove that cat videos are funnier than dog videos. This Cat’s New Year’s Resolutions 2013 video from Furball Fables features some pretty convincing resolutions that a cat might actually make set to jazz music.

If cats can have resolutions, then so can dogs. Case in point, the talking (well maybe not talking, exactly – a bit more like howling) dog Mishka, a budding star on Disney’s Pets and Animals YouTube channel. Take a peak at Mishka’s resolutions. It’s a much shorter list than the list of the cats.

Resolutions of a Pop Culture Superfan
If you’ve ever seen the Geeking Out show on YouTube with Kerri Doherty you know she’s all about pop culture. What’s funny is that it’s more pop culture from the late 80s and early 90s. Think: The Golden Girls and Dawson’s Creek. Like many other people with a vlog she shares her resolution list on New Year’s eve. Many items on her list should be quite attainable for her and most of them will take you on a walk down memory lane.

Resolution Rewind
One of the things people do at the new year is to reflect on the previous year or maybe past ten years. This YouTube vloggers takes a trip down resolutions of year’s past. Taryn Southern covers a Decade of Resolutions in just less than 2 minutes, but perhaps the best thing about the video is the walk down a tech version of memory lane.


For anyone who hasn’t come up with any resolutions for this coming year, there’s still time. Perhaps these videos provided you with some ideas. Resolutions can be anything you want and apparently, the trick to keeping them is to not set the bar too high. It’s like a baby-steps approach to New Year’s resolutions and in ten years when you do a video recap, you’ll probably be surprised at how you’ve changed.

Did you make an online video resolution you wish to share? Did you find funnier or stranger new resolutions you wish to share?

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