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Funny Cat Videos – Backbone of the Internet

by Real Team on April 24, 2012

News travels fast in today’s age, and with that videos can become incredibly popular on the internet in a matter of hours, and retreat into obscurity in that same amount of time. The Kony 2012 video is the perfect example; it jumped from zero to 80 million views in in a few days at the beginning of March, and it was littering people’s Facebook news feeds. After its few days of internet glory, by the end of March it has become the Youtube equivalent of Stonehenge; ancient history. This is the fate of most internet fads except for the one constant we as a species can always rely on to provide us with unexplained joy and entertainment; funny cat videos.

Funny cat videos trump even the most important achievements in human history in terms of views on Youtube. Example number one; The OMG Cat.

This soundless, 19 second video has more than twice the amount of views as the Moon landing, arguably the most impressive achievement of the 20 century. There are literary hundreds of funny cat videos on Youtube that have millions of views. Despite having an amazing amount of knowledge and information at our fingertips, funny cat videos seem to have some type of mystical magnetic pull that will always suck us back in, wanting and craving more. And it makes sense; who can resist the Very Angry Cat? Maybe with all of your strength you can avoid clicking the play button, but over 73 million haven’t been able to.

No matter what happens with the economy, environmental disaster or war, we will always be able to rely on celebrity cats to keep our spirits high when everything else in the world seems so volatile. The popularity of funny cat videos will never waver; if an Alien species is somehow able to look back at our internet video viewership when we are all gone, they will likely determine that we worshiped these feisty felines.

While as a whole funny cat videos are here to stay for all eternity, many of these cats are one hit wonders,  gathering millions of views for a video but can’t back it up with another, such as the surprised kitty.  This however, does not hold true for Maru, a Japanese cat who has dozens of videos with millions of views. There is Exhausted Maru , Maru playing with mirrors, and an all-time favorite of Maru squeezing into a box much too small for such a large cat. All hail Maru!!!

Haven’t quite had your fix yet? You are not to be blamed. Here are a few more funny cat videos that will leave you purring for more.

Sphinx Kitten’s Bath Time - Apparently hairless cats don’t mind taking baths.

Stalking Cat- Watch this cat stalk his prey (and to go back to the whole moon landing thing, this funny cat video has 4 times as many views as when man first touched down on Earth’s satellite. )

Talking Cat in Sink - This one doesn’t really need anymore explanation then that.

Have a camera and a cat? Is there really any reason you shouldn’t create the next, best funny cat video right now?

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1 Gabriel Nicolau May 9, 2012 at 8:43 am

Greatest musical Cat video of all time: These vats blow all human rappers out of the water…

This Cat Can Rap – The Rapping Cats:

2 Suzzz June 10, 2012 at 12:57 pm

My new favorite cat video beats all of these. Nothing like a cat getting shot.

3 Camille December 4, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Funny off-tune cat singing jingle bells- really cute!! share if you love cats

4 misha January 7, 2013 at 4:33 pm

My friend’s attention-starved cat decides hog all the camera time while I try to make an informative video about essay writing.

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