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How To Get Free HD Samples To Show Off Your HDTV

by Geoff Talbot on March 4, 2013

free HD videosHDTVs are the eye-candy of big-box and department stores. Each year at CES, manufacturers show off the latest iterations of their TVs. This year the crop of TVs shown off at CES 2013 included everything from 3D TVs to Ultra-HDTVs. While the technology is impressive it’s the content shown on those TVs that really sells them.

Upon walking into a store that sells HDTVs, you’ll see those flat screen beauties display some incredible videos. Whether it’s a wildlife HD video of a lion with each muscle flexing and twitching walking slowly towards you, to an epic sports event these videos are splendid in high-definition (HD). The crystal clear widescreen images and perfect sound are designed to make you want to take one home with you even if you already own one.

According to Leichtman Research Group, 75% of households in the U.S. have at least one HDTV. Yet, so many of us are captivated by the new TVs on display at stores that we find ourselves fighting the compulsive urge to buy another one. We can thank the super cool HD sample videos played on them.

Now that you have an awesome HDTV why not show it off with some HD videos? Use RealPlayer to save free HD videos and play them on your HDTV. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.


Rather than spending every waking hour at the store lusting over the latest HDTV in stock, why not choose the safer, less expensive option? As Paul Newman once said, “Why go out for a burger when you can have steak at home?“ Try reminding yourself of what helped you buy that first HDTV, the HD sample videos played on them in the store. There are tons of free HD videos online that you can play on your HDTV at home.

If you are a space fiend and want to impress your friends with epic HD footage of our galaxy and beyond, then a great place to geek out on free HD videos is the NASA Website. Watch Atlas 5 take off in spectacular fashion in 1080i and quote C-3PO all night long in the glorious surroundings of your own living room.

For those who prefer to be underwater to being in outer space then the place to go for really sensational underwater free HD video samples is Ocean Footage. Not only do they have spectacular footage of sea life, but the site also has incredible HD sample footage of surfing, whales leaping out of the water, and other truly magnificent deep-sea life that are perfect for showing off the power of your HDTV. Check out this HD sampler below from Vimeo and just imagine how much better it would look on your HDTV.


If you are a land dweller, then maybe you are captivated by the untamed, unrestrained beauty of wildlife HD animal videos that are super clear; at 29 frames/second they look as though they have come straight from the National Geographic Channel. A great place to find these HD sample videos is at Nature Footage. The incredible thing about this footage is that it is so hypnotically mesmerizing; you almost forget that you are thousands of miles away watching it in your living room. That is the power of HD.

For those who really want to be cool and watch your buddies turn green with envy then play some movie trailers in HD when they come over. There are several great sites where you can download HD movie trailers for free. When you watch the movie trailer online, RealPlayer will display a “Download This Video” button when you mouse over the video. Click that button and the preview will download to your RealPlayer library in beautiful HD. If you don’t already have RealPlayer, you can download it free by clicking the orange button in the top right corner of this page.

Are you a space junky, an underwater lover, a nature fiend or a blockbuster movie lover? When you find yourself trapped in a department store that is endlessly playing HD video samples on repeat, which screens draws you in and why?


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