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Announcing the RealPlayer Video Visionary Award – Education

by Real Team on July 6, 2012

RealPlayer Video Visionary Education Video has the power to make us feel a bevy of emotions, but it can also teach us something. A video that is fun to watch and engaging makes it that much easier to learn new concepts and ideas. When we see those types of videos we can’t help but take notice. We are even more impressed with the creativity and innovative ways people are using video to teach us something new.

With that in mind we have been searching the web to find online video content that doesn’t just entertain, but teaches us something. We have found some amazing examples of how people use video to break complex ideas and concepts into bite-size nuggets of information that are easily comprehendible. That is why we want to recognize their efforts with the RealPlayer Video Visionary Award – Education. Later this month we’ll be announcing our first education-centric recipient here on the blog with an article highlighting the video and the video creator.

We are going to be presenting a RealPlayer Video Visionary Award – Education monthly. We see this award as a community effort and want to enlist your help in finding these remarkable recipients. As is the case with the RealPlayer Video Visionary Award – Humanitarian Award, we invite you to submit your own nominees for this award and share your thoughts on non-profit organizations that you feel are creating innovative video content.

In order to submit a series of educational videos please take the following steps when leaving a comment below:

1) Include the name and URL for the educator or educational organization you have selected

2) Briefly describe why you think it would be a good fit, and what about their video content caught your eye

3) Include URL’s to specific videos or YouTube channels so we can easily review your submission

Remember, all you need to do to nominate a video or series that aims at educating the people who watch it is submit a comment below with the information listed above. There is no e-mail address or form to complete.

We are absolutely ecstatic about this award program and look forward to sharing our first recipient later this month. Stay tuned to the RealPlayer blog for more information.



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1 bradley July 9, 2012 at 12:56 pm

I would like to nominate for your educator award. They do an amazing job of teaching a wide range of technical topics online. They have parts of their videos on YouTube, but the full classes are on their website. I’ve done lots of online training and their format is the best. They always have “the expert” on the topic and do the class in short segments. If I’m looking to learn something very particular, I can go right to the section and not have to listen to the whole class. I can also take a full class and not fall asleep. I’ve learned everything from Excel, to how to use my iPad, how to make a successful infographic to how to shoot my daughter’s concert at college. Here is a great sample of a class I took to learn how take better pictures of my daughter performances. is one of the few online education sites where you can have fun learning something new everyday! Can you tell I’m in love with the Thought you could :-)

2 Richard Thornley November 21, 2012 at 11:09 am

Rather cheekily I would like to nominate myself…
My channel covers the entire IB chemistry course at x10 the speed, split into 330 bite size chunks.
I have used video games, 3Dsmax, stop motion, live action etc to create the vids. All ad profits to UNICEF, the site is used worldwide by students to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.
I have tried to use a silly narrative (in the video game based sections) where a sequence of ideas are need to be recalled.
Cheers, Rich Thornley

3 Josh Manning December 4, 2012 at 5:01 am

As an IB Chemistry teacher I would also like to niminate Rich Thornley

4 Josh Manning December 13, 2012 at 6:04 am

I beg your pardon – nominate!

5 Mary Ellen McEvoy April 11, 2013 at 8:37 am

I would like to nominate James Blight, janet lang, and Koji Masutani from the Balsillie School of International Affairs for the project The Armageddon Letters: The films reflect on the Cuban Missile Crisis and the communications shared among Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro. As well as being a brilliant history lesson, the videos aim at raising awareness to the dangers of nuclear weapons as well as the danger of their threat as a bargaining chip in foreign policy. The short films are subtitled in English, Spanish, and French- German subtitles are currently being added. As Brazil discusses acquiring nuclear weapon equipped submarines and North Korea threatens to nuke others, the message of these films seems invaluable and timely. The project also includes lesson plans for educators that wish to incorporate the videos into their classes and a policy brief with the conclusions of the historical research done by Professors lang and Blight. The films are supplemented by a book, blogs, podcasts, and an online graphic novel. This is a well crafted, thoughtful educational resource.

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