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Weekly Top 5: Best Animal Videos Feature Cats, Dogs, and Baby Pandas

by Joe Kukura on September 9, 2013

cute animals

Courtesy of Zoo Atlanta

Nothing on the Internet delivers guaranteed hilarity and adorableness like animal videos. Whether it’s lovable dogs breaking the rules, funny cats conquering cardboard boxes or baby foxes taking their first steps, animal videos remain the gold standard for quality, free entertainment on the world wide web. Let’s look at this week’s most popular viral web videos of animals stealing the spotlight with their oblivious furry charm, including an animal burp video that’s really a gas.

Whatever type of web video you love to watch, RealPlayer Daily Videos tracks the popular videos daily so you don’t have to. RealPlayer Daily Videos categorizes all the top videos into channels like Comedy, Music and Sports. This week we’ll let the fur fly from the Animals & Pets channel and review the most popular animal videos on the RealPlayer Daily Videos.

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Lil Bub is the American version of Japanese cat star Maru, and How to Hold a Bub is a sublime masterpiece of kitty comedy. Lil Bub has the ugliest, most awkward, bug-eyed, tongue-out expression permanently plastered on her face, but you won’t be able to take your eyes off her. When held like a baby and given a good stroke, Lil Bub succumbs to euphoria and drools all over herself – unaware that tens of thousands of Internet viewers are watching and roaring with laughter.


Baby pandas! Twin baby pandas, in fact, and Giant Panda Cub Exam shows us the standard weekly medical examination administered to the two-month-old baby giant pandas at the Zoo Atlanta. There are plenty of fantastic baby panda squirming shots, and there’s also a baby panda livecam provided by the zoo. You will just love it when two baby pandas cuddle up and go to sleep together at the end of this video.


In The Original Car Wash for COWS, we discover that cows really enjoy rubbing against large robotic car wash brushes. Who knew? The cows are extremely eager to massage themselves against car wash brushes operating at full blast, with entertaining results. Don’t laugh – British researchers insists this car wash brushing yields healthier cows and better milk.


¿De Que Estaran Hablando Éstos Dos? Los Gatos Tambien proves once again that funny cat videos are the international language. Translated as “Who’s talking about these two? The cats are too,” this video shows us an epic angry cat confrontation in which neither is willing to take the first swipe. But oh, do these two scream, posture, and front at one another.


If a Siberian Husky burping into a live microphone is your cup of tea, then Malcolm Burp! (Stream Highlight) is your top animal video of the week. When an everyday video podcaster does a livestreamed talk show, his furry dog Malcolm intervenes and lets out the highlight of the broadcast in this hilarious outtake.

Do you have any other good animal videos? Does the burping dog get your vote for the best pet video? And would you rather have milk from cows that rub up against car wash brushes? Bark, moo, and meow your opinions in the comments section below.

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1 buzzy October 3, 2013 at 6:23 pm

hihi, car wash for caws is too funny :) i never seen that before!

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