Convert Video to MP3

RealPlayer does more than just play videos – this free video player has a MP3 converter built right in. If you’ve ever wanted to convert  any web video files to MP3 audio files, you can instantly with RealPlayer.

Converting videos to MP3 takes just a few seconds and you can send the files directly to your phone or MP3 player for car rides or jogs in the park.

Click on the orange RealPlayer FREE Download button in the upper right hand corner and make an audio version of almost any video in just a few minutes.

Hi, it’s me, Cora and I want to show you a really cool thing about RealPlayer.  In addition to being able to download and save your favorite videos from the web, you can also save the audio portion of any video as an mp3 file. This is great when you just want the audio on your phone or mp3 player so you can listen while you do other things like working out, or driving in your car.  Once you download the video and plug in your phone, you just click on the convert button.  RealPlayer currently works with over 100 devices and they’re still adding more When the file is converted, you just unplug and the audio is yours!  It’s totally free, so what are you waiting for? Just click the orange download button on this page to get started.

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