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Dramatic Transformations: Look Like A Celebrity

by Alane Jewel on February 14, 2013

celebrity look alikeIt’s fun to change your look into something outrageous, if only for a night. Invited to watch the Oscar’s at a party, with celebrity costumes optional? Always wondered how to create the glam red carpet looks without a plane ticket to Los Angeles? Maybe you’re just looking for a new look your Valentine’s Day activities.

Reinventing yourself can be simple magic with the right tools. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is through a dramatic make-up transformation. Why not embrace an opportunity to turn up your glamour and walk on the wild side. Jumping from your familiar face of day to day reality into a colorful, bold fantasy world is easy when you have the tricks of the trade to become the character of your dreams.


If you’ve secretly desired to go all out by becoming a character from your favorite movie look no further than an online make-up tutorial. If your desire is more attuned with stepping into the shoes of a celebrity, you can reach that star status with a flick of a brush. The steps to altering your face and becoming a celebrity look alike are as simple as watching one the transformation videos found on Promise Tamang Phan’s YouTube channel.

Promise Tamang Phan is the sister-in-law of YouTube’s beauty guru, Michelle Phan. Michelle is known for creating glamorous, yet wearable make-up looks, while Promise Phan is a mega-star for becoming celebrities and movie characters with the stroke of a make-up brush. The Nepalese native has been a YouTube presence since 2009 when she started her first channel with the name Dope2111 and the tagline, “Subscribers Get a Kiss.” Ninety-one videos are included on the channel and it has more than 155 million viewers. In 2012, she started a second channel as “Promise Phan.”

Phan has garnered international exposure with her self-taught make-up application skills. Her talent, love for make-up, and an eye for detail have transformed Phan into celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Secret supermodel Adriana Lima, and even Michael Jackson and Lil’ Wayne, as well as cartoon inspired characters like Pocohontas, Jessica Rabbit, and Fairy Princess Barbie.


By using special contouring techniques to alter eye, nose, and cheek structure, Promise demonstrates how anyone can transform himself/herself and look like someone else. You don’t have to have any resemblance to the model look you are trying to replicate, perfect for dramatic transformations or costume party engagements. For example, if you were inspired by Beyonce’s performance at the 2013 Super Bowl just watch the video below to learn how you can look like her:

Luscious lips and outstanding eyes are part of Angelina Jolie’s captivating look. Who wouldn’t want those features? Now, you don’t have to lust after the look. Just watch Promise Phan recreate Jolie’s look within minutes. It’s so easy to replicate. Almost 18 million people have also been transfixed by Promise’s quick change from a fresh-face to the well-known American movie star.


If you are not looking for a celebrity or signature character look, but just want to amp up your make-up application skills, style standout Kandee Johnson has more than 300 videos on her YouTube channel to help you achieve the look you want. Kandee Johnson not only provides make-up tutorials, but lifestyle tips as well. A former professional make-up artist based in Los Angeles, CA, Johnson has been posting videos for YouTube and blogging for her own website since 2009.

Her detailed tutorials are more geared toward make-up tips that can help amp up your look for both casual and formal events. She has over one million subscribers to her main YouTube channel, Kandee Johnson with more than 187 million video views. Her second channel, The Kandee Johnson Show has also been around since 2009, and it focuses on every day life and being a mom.

The great thing about make-up is that it can help you make subtle changes to your look and if you don’t like it, no problem – it’s not permanent. For example, watch how Kandee Johnson dyes her hair using colored chalk in this video. Johnson walks viewers from start to finish in the process of temporarily dying your hair with chalk for a wild look. Maybe you just want to learn how to create the vibrant red lips that can be seen on many celebrities. Here’s how to create red velvet lips that don’t smear:


No matter if you intend to do your make-up like Nicki Minaj or Lil’ Wayne, or are looking for dramatic beauty tips for a new look for a fierce night out, just watching the progression on video is extreme entertainment. You can “like” both Phan and Johnson’s Facebook page in addition to subscribing to their YouTube channels. When you find make-up or beauty tutorials that you love on YouTube, take the time to like, comment, and share the video with everyone in your social network. You should also rate the content, picture quality and subscribe to the user’s video channel. It let’s the content creators know how much you appreciate all those free videos they create for you to watch.

You can also save your favorite online tutorials to your video library. Download a free version of RealPlayer downloader by clicking the orange button in the top right corner of this page. When watching a video online you’ll see the “Download This Video” button appear at the top right corner of the video player. Click that button, and the RealPlayer downloader will download the video to your computer and store it in the RealPlayer library. It will be like having your own make-up guru with you when you’re getting ready.

What’s your favorite celebrity look? Will you be trying any of these tips at home? Let us know how it goes.


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