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Increasingly more and more people are turning to the Internet to follow events happening in the world. Many news websites offer extra coverage of events such as CES, the Detroit Auto Show, and holiday parades. Believe it or not those sites don’t always offer the best coverage of those events. With that in mind we’ve scoured the Internet and rounded up the best spots to watch videos from these events online. In some posts, we even tell you where to watch these events live and in often cases for free.

If you care what’s going to be on TV in the next day or two, look at an issue of TV Guide. If you care what’s going to be on TV in the next five or ten years, take a look at what went down at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show that took . . .

online video at NAB 2012


That shut-down, boarded-up Blockbuster video store is kind of a metaphor for the future of DVD and Blu-Ray movies. A new report shows that video streaming will surpass DVD and Blu-Ray discs as American’s favorite format for watching movies at some point this year. Thanks to popular video streaming sites like Netflix streaming video and . . .

streaming video consumption surpassing DVDs


If you want to change the world, take notice—viral web videos are the new weapons of mass instruction. In recent weeks, a watershed of online videos has done as much to influence political sentiment than advertising or traditional organizing. The controversial but remarkably successful “Kony 2012” video is one of many recent examples showing how . . .

Kony 2012 and viral political videos.