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Video is becoming increasingly more popular on the web. Everyday more and more video sites appear online. Who can keep track of them all? Well, we can. We are constantly on the lookout for new video sites. We spend time going through the multitude of sites to find new and interesting video viewing galleries. When we discover some great new options we’re sure to post them here.

Whether you’re looking for places to watch news online or where to watch film festivals online, you can find it here. We also help you find the best places to download online videos free and video sites to visit on your smartphone. Maybe you want to discover new videos on your own. No problem, we tell you the most efficient way to use video search engines and where to find the best ones. What new video sites will you discover today?

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My mother used to tell me that there was no excuse for boredom. I’m not sure that I believed her. In particular, I found waiting boring. I would have loved to be back in our living room watching television. The good news is I actually don’t have to be bored anymore; because there is a . . .
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The world of the professional journalist, formally schooled and trained in delivering the ‘Who, What, Why, When, and Where’ of a news story, has been turned upside down and inside out. The legendary sign-off, “And that’s the way it is,” by renowned CBS News broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite, has lost the resonance it once had. . . .
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TV Or Not TV?

by Real Team on February 27, 2012

TV online

So recently I was spending prime-time work hours watching videos at Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s comedy site Funny or Die. All new stuff, all original, and a lot of it funnier and (really noticeable) of a higher professional quality than the funny stuff over on traditional broadcast TV. (Insert “Remember when SNL was good?” . . .
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