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Video Players

Not all video is created equal. Thus the need for an astounding number of video formats that keep growing daily. Who has time to figure out what type of video player is needed to play a video stored on a computer? That’s where we come in. We know video players and know that you shouldn’t need to download multiple video players to support multiple file formats. The posts found in this section are all about video players. Whether you want to find a way to play MP4 videos, make the most of MKV videos, or are just looking for a Windows Media Player that plays more than just .WMV files these posts can help you pick the right player for your needs.

In addition to learning more about video players that can play most of the videos on your computer, you can also learn more about what’s going on in the video player space. If you are just looking for a free video player that can play most videos consider RealPlayer, which you can download free by clicking the orange button in the top right corner of this page. RealPlayer can actually play most videos and if the free version doesn’t cover it then the Plus version with it’s advanced codec pack can help. That said we are here to help answer your video player questions, so if there’s something you would like to know just leave a comment in one of the posts and we’ll be sure to get you the information you want.

Best Media Players For Windows

Guess what? There is no absolute “best” media player for Windows. There are simply too many excellent alternatives available offering enhancements, versatility and reliably beyond that of the Windows Media Player built into the operating system for one to stand out completely from the crowd. We’ll list many of those choices in this post, but . . .
media players for windows.


Best Media Player for your computer

Choosing the ‘best’ of anything can be a difficult task. Choosing the best media player for your computer is among those because, well, there are so many great choices. There are even a lot of great free media players. Along with there being many different software options to sort through, there are many more features . . .
finding the best media player.


Matroska video fuke

Playing Matroska  (MKV) video files with the free RealPlayer wouldn’t ordinarily be possible. Why? RealPlayer does not have its own built-in support for MKV. However, there is a quick and reliable solution. We’ll explain how to play Matroska files perfectly with RealPlayer. WHY DO YOU NEED A MKV PLAYER? As a container format, MKV has . . .
playing Matroska files…


Comparing Video Player Software Features

Software is the heart and soul of video players designed for computers. There is a major hardware component for the software to even begin to work, but it’s the variations in the features and capabilities of the video player software that distinguishes each product. The range can be vast. Going from simple playback of a . . .
video player software.


Mobile Video Player

OK – You just got that new smartphone or tablet you’ve been itching for, and aside from all the productivity apps and whatnot, you want to playback videos. No problem. That’s already built in. So what’s this about bothering with another mobile video player?


Free Video Players for PC

“You can’t get something for nothing” have long been words to heed when engaging in any endeavor. So the notion of free video players for PC naturally raises the question, are you indeed getting something for nothing? In this case, the answer is actually, “Yes.” MANY VIDEO PLAYERS FOR PC TO CHOOSE FROM With video . . .
video players for PCs.


How To Choose An MP4 Player

Not that I’ve ever done that, nor ever seen or heard of anyone actually doing such a thing. But metaphorically, that’s how hard it’s going to be to choose a free MP4 Video Player. The reason is simple, if software developers aren’t providing MP4 capabilities in their products, they’re not in the game. There are . . .
MP4 video players.


Free MP4 Player Download

MP4 players open the door to a more contemporary and expansive world of video and audio capabilities for computers, the Internet, and mobile devices. With its roots based on one of the several parts of the overall MPEG-4 standard and direct links to Apple’s QuickTime technology, MP4 is ideal for streaming video on the Internet and . . .
MP4 players