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Comparison and Reviews of Video Players

Not sure what video player or media software is right for you? No problem we are here to help. Whether you’re looking for just a basic media player or are curious about how RealPlayer stacks up against other players, our comparison posts are filled with useful tips that can aid you in picking the right software for your needs. You’ll also find roundup posts that compare the top free video editing software available today.

Interested in video on demand, but don’t know which to choose? We tell you what the options are and what you can expect from each service. You’ll alsof find blog posts that compare video software, video converters, and more video programs.

Video on Demand

Perhaps you pride yourself on having a wonderful collection of DVD’s that spans the full length of your living room. Cool huh? While it may be great to look at, it’s likely taking up a lot of space. Granted, a lot less space than that gigantic VHS collection that you used to show off at . . .
video on demand services

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Windows Media Player comparison

Before getting into details and the differences between Microsoft Windows Media Player (WMP) 12 and RealPlayer one thing is clear they both deliver high-quality audio and video. Deciding which media player is right for you depends on what you want it to do. One media player offers a bit more customization of controls and a . . .
Windows Media Player comparison…


compare realplayer itunes

Putting RealPlayer up against iTunes? Are you crazy? Comparing the perceived might of Apple’s iTunes with RealPlayer hardly seems like a fair comparison. The deeper you dig into RealPlayer; the more interesting features you find. As in the natural world, there likewise exists an “ecosystem” (a now hackneyed term) of interdependent technologies. It merges information, . . .
how RealPlayer stacks up against iTunes.


free video editing software for Windows

The explosion of people shooting their own videos, downloading, building media libraries, and the surge in all types of sharing has made editing those videos an important tool for even the occasional user. That doesn’t mean it has to cost a lot of money to get started. There are many good consumer to “prosumer” grade . . .
free video editing software…


Linux Media Players

Linux may not be the most popular desktop Operating System (OS), but it definitely has a dedicated group of supporters. Just like everyone else they want to listen to music and watch video on their Linux desktop. Granted, there are some technical complexities found in Linux media players that do require more computer knowledge – . . .
Linux media players


Comparing Video Player Software Features

Software is the heart and soul of video players designed for computers. There is a major hardware component for the software to even begin to work, but it’s the variations in the features and capabilities of the video player software that distinguishes each product. The range can be vast. Going from simple playback of a . . .
video player software.