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Roundup of 2012 Black Friday Videos – Shoppers Gone Wild

by Joe Kukura on December 2, 2012

Black fridayBlack Friday 2012 is in the books, but a horde of Black Friday video snippets on YouTube capture all the madness of holiday shoppers gone wild. We’ve picked out the best Black Friday videos  that capture the most amusing and outrageous moments of bargain hunters going bananas at the 2012 Black Friday sales.

Several sharp-eyed shoppers turned into citizen journalists and captured Black Friday’s most outlandish incidents. Each of these videos was posted on YouTube the evening of Thanksgiving 2012, or on the day of the after-Thanksgiving Black Friday sales. Several of these brawls, mobs, and shoving matches occurred on Thanksgiving Day, giving a whole new spin to the idea of “Holiday Spirit.” Some of the videos contain salty language, but they all contain hilarious moments of shoppers behaving badly for your guilty pleasure.


Let’s begin with a fun video from a Mesa, Arizona Wal-Mart store wherein four full-grown adults all wrestle one another over a single toy. We can surmise this is the last of that particular toy on the shelf, as these shoppers are willing to grapple on a Wal-Mart linoleum floor for ownership rights. We cannot tell what the toy is, though, because the foursome engage in such a furious battle that the label on the box cannot be read.

Be warned that one of the wrestlers displays enough rear end for this video to merit an “M for Mature” rating.

We move now to a Target store in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where a pre-dawn Black Friday crowd is filing in orderly fashion for a crack at the retailer’s Black Friday deals. Two young ladies attempt to cut their way to the front of the line, and they are met with some angry pushback. A chivalrous fellow with a mullet haircut jumps to their defense, nobly leaping over a barricade of shopping carts. The situation escalates into perhaps one of the finest parking lot brawl you’ll see this holiday season.


If you think men are the culprits in most Black Friday riot videos mayhem, you might want to consider this video shot outside a Victoria’s Secret store at the Woodland Hills mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A few thousand expectant shoppers are gathered outside the high-end lingerie store prior to its opening on Thanksgiving night. When the magic hour strikes and the gates to the store entrance are lifted, a memorably massive donnybrook ensues.

There are plenty of comical gems in this cell phone video. First, the ladies are relentlessly screaming as if Justin Bieber had just arrived. When the store gate opens, a display table and its mannequin immediately bite the dust in the melee. At the 0:31 mark, you can see women throwing fists and engaging in brutal tug-of-war over individual items of clothing. The mobbing becomes so unbearable that some shoppers take to the display pedestals to try to find refuge among the mannequins.

“Best video I got all night,” the amateur videographer can be heard bragging. “I can go home and go to sleep a happy man, now.”

Did you witness any memorable mayhem on Black Friday? Or do you make a point of avoiding the whole mess? Know of any other outlandish Black Friday videos? Gang up and break down the gates in the comments section below.

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