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How To Burn AVI To DVD

by RealPlayer on August 1, 2013

When your video folder on your computer is way too full of AVI video files, wouldn’t it be nice to just burn AVI to DVD, delete the videos from your hard drive, and still keep permanent copies of the videos? It is nice, actually, and it’s really quite easy with an AVI to DVD converter. Let’s take a look at the process of burning your AVI files onto DVD discs using RealPlayer Plus, an easy to use AVI to DVD converter. In addition to the ability to convert AVI to DVD discs, RealPlayer Plus builds in some additional features like the ability to separate your videos into DVD chapters.


Use the AVI to DVD converter included in RealPlayer Plus to burn AVI files to DVDs. Get RealPlayer Plus now at a discounted price.

Burning your AVI files onto DVDs is one of the fringe benefit features of RealPlayer Plus, the premium version of RealPlayer. Your AVI files can be burned to disc in full high-definition (HD), and with RealPlayer Plus you can burn files to your choice of the DVD or AVCHD disc format that you can then play back in an AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray player.

You’ll need to download RealPlayer Plus for this process. You can burn AVI to DVDs with RealPlayer Plus by doing the following:

1. Open RealPlayer Plus. (If RealPlayer does not open in Plus mode, just log in by choosing Sign In from the RealPlayer drop-down menu at the top left.)

2. Insert a blank DVD into your computer’s DVD burner.

3. Select the Library tab at the center top to make sure your videos are in the RealPlayer Plus Library. (If your videos do not appear, you can drag and drop them from their current folder into this Library.)

How to convert AVI to DVD

4. Select the Burn tab at the center top. The RealPlayer Plus Burn screen will appear.

5. Click the Video Disc Burner button above the left pane.

burn AVI to DVD

6. Under 1- Select Disc Type in the left pane, select the DVD Video option. (If your AVI file is in HD, select AVCHD Video instead. If it’s not HD, don’t bother – a HD burn takes longer.)

7. Under 2- Add clips from the library below to the right pane, the scroll-down list will be set to Library. Select videos from this scroll-down list instead, because you don’t want to burn every file in your whole RealPlayer Library here.

8. Select each AVI video clip you wish to burn onto the disc.

9. Click the Add Selected to Disc button below the video list. Your selected videos will appear in the right pane.

AVI to DVD Converter

10. Click the Burn Videos to Disc button. The Video Burning Option dialog appears, allowing customized navigation options for when you’re playing the disc in your DVD or AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray player.

11. In the Disc name field, give your DVD the name of your choosing.

12. If you want an onscreen menu for choosing individual videos when you pop in your DVD, click in the circle next to Include on-screen menus as a guide to disc content. If you do not want a menu on the DVD, click in the circle next to Don’t include on-screen menus (playback begins immediately).

13. Click the Burn button. This is where the magic happens! The RealPlayer Plus AVI to DVD converter burns your videos DVD.

Do not expect your DVD to burn instantly – DVD files take a lot longer to burn than MP3 files, even with the best tools available. Depending on the size and quality of your files, burning your files to a DVD may take nearly as long as watching the whole completed DVD. Give the burn process some time.


To burn AVI to DVD to play in an AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray disc instead of a standar DVD, just perform the process described above, with one exception. In step number 6, select AVCHD Video instead of DVD Video from the scrolldown list. The AVCHD Video burn process will burn a HD DVD that will play in a compatible AVCHD Blu-ray player. You can still use standard DVD discs – they’ll work in your Blu-ray player, and burning the more affordable discs won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

RealPlayer Plus will occasionally display an “Unsupported media type” error. This may be because the file is DRM protected and cannot legally be copied. (Yes, we do our part to prevent illegal piracy.) For other technical problems, consult the RealPlayer Plus DVD burning FAQs for the best-recommended solutions or leave a comment below.

Have you tried burning DVDs with RealPlayer? How were the results? Did burning the disc take as long as watching the disc itself? Let us know all about your burning issues in the comments section below.


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1 Marty January 25, 2014 at 3:13 pm

Hey, yes it takes very long. I burned 50 minutes of mp4 ( converting to HD) it took 3 hours! HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION: I wanted to create another identical disk. It had gone through the whole “ready to burn process” ( which takes all the time – the actual burn to disk only takes about 15 minutes). but I don’t know how to just pop another disk in and by-pass the first step – the software seems to indicate that you can just put another disk in -but when I put another disk in and push burn to disk – it seems to start all over – dump.

2 RealPlayer Team January 26, 2014 at 11:08 pm

At this time, “Copy Disc” option is not supported in RealPlayer Plus.

If you additional question, please send an email to

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