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Tom Volotta

Tom is a longtime video producer in the San Francisco Bay Area who brings impressive technical expertise to the RealPlayer blog. With a deep knowledge of video production and programming, he designs interactive media for public spaces and for an impressive portfolio of corporate clients. Tom enjoys demystifying technology, evangelizing on the future of digital media, and watching funny internet cat videos.

Mobile Video Player

OK – You just got that new smartphone or tablet you’ve been itching for, and aside from all the productivity apps and whatnot, you want to playback videos. No problem. That’s already built in. So what’s this about bothering with another mobile video player?


Free Video Players for PC

“You can’t get something for nothing” have long been words to heed when engaging in any endeavor. So the notion of free video players for PC naturally raises the question, are you indeed getting something for nothing? In this case, the answer is actually, “Yes.” MANY VIDEO PLAYERS FOR PC TO CHOOSE FROM With video . . .
video players for PCs.


Video File Converter

As was the case in our search for Free Video Players for PCs, there actually are a considerable number of free video file converters available that will provide the functions you need. Your intended use is critical to the video file converter you choose because the range of features among free video file (or format) . . .
free video file converters…


How To Choose An MP4 Player

Not that I’ve ever done that, nor ever seen or heard of anyone actually doing such a thing. But metaphorically, that’s how hard it’s going to be to choose a free MP4 Video Player. The reason is simple, if software developers aren’t providing MP4 capabilities in their products, they’re not in the game. There are . . .
MP4 video players.


FLV Player

Flash. It’s everywhere. Just everywhere. You can barely peek into any corner of the Internet without bumping into it in some form or other. Either as a streaming movie, clips posted on YouTube or Facebook, a pop up banner ad, or a simple animation. Although Flash (FLV) and now F4V, an expanded version of the . . .
FLV players.


Free MP4 Player Download

MP4 players open the door to a more contemporary and expansive world of video and audio capabilities for computers, the Internet, and mobile devices. With its roots based on one of the several parts of the overall MPEG-4 standard and direct links to Apple’s QuickTime technology, MP4 is ideal for streaming video on the Internet and . . .
MP4 players


AVI Video Player

Buckle your seat belts, because we’re going to jerk you back some twenty years to trace the history of the impressive AVI player. Developed by Microsoft for use in their Windows PC architecture, the formal name for the AVI container format is Audio Video Interleave (Interleave because the video and audio are bound together in . . .
free AVI video players.


WMV Player

In addition to its venerable, but aging offering, AVI, Microsoft makes another, more modern player to accommodate today’s more advanced codecs and the demands for quality and convenience by consumers. It’s called Windows Media Video (WMV), and is said to have first come about as a response to a RealNetworks product built for Internet streaming on . . .
WMV players.


MKV Player

Ever wonder why some movies have additional features like subtitles and surround sound and others dont? You can thank something called Matroska for all those features. Matroska, now there’s an exotic sounding name for a media player! You’re probably more familiar with its file name extension .MKV, and recognize it is a container format for . . .
MKV players.