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Tom Volotta

Tom is a longtime video producer in the San Francisco Bay Area who brings impressive technical expertise to the RealPlayer blog. With a deep knowledge of video production and programming, he designs interactive media for public spaces and for an impressive portfolio of corporate clients. Tom enjoys demystifying technology, evangelizing on the future of digital media, and watching funny internet cat videos.

how to put video on ipod

Before watching videos on a smartphone was an everyday occurrence, for many the portable video player of choice was an iPod. Four years after Apple launched the iPod, several iterations had perfected what the device could do. It was able to carry music, photos and video that could be played in the palm of your hand . . .
how to put videos on your iPod.


watch videos for free online

What is that supposed to mean? If the video is up there on the web, it must be free, right? Well, no. Everything isn’t free. Some videos are free to watch and free to download. Some are free, but have commercials interspersed. Some you can download for free, but can’t watch online. Then there’s another . . .
watching videos for free.


Best Media Players For Windows

Guess what? There is no absolute “best” media player for Windows. There are simply too many excellent alternatives available offering enhancements, versatility and reliably beyond that of the Windows Media Player built into the operating system for one to stand out completely from the crowd. We’ll list many of those choices in this post, but . . .
media players for windows.


Save and Convert Flash Videos

The overwhelming popularity and use of Flash (FLV) video online has created an entire cottage industry of software products devoted just to downloading Flash videos. Some of the Flash download products even refer to themselves as a “YouTube Downloader” because of the vast amount of Flash videos available on YouTube. In this post, we discuss . . .
how to save Flash video.


Convert videos to MP3

Remember the Sony Walkman? Many of you probably don’t, but may have heard stories about it from way back in ancient times. Then it was considered coolest thing ever to play portable audio on what were called cassette tapes. Oh, yes, those were the days! The Walkman was the iPod of its time. Now, with . . .
how to convert videos to MP3.


Free MP4 Video

Just how easy is it to find free MP4 videos? Well, there’s certainly no lack of video content covering nearly every category imaginable online. And over 180 million people in the United States watched 40 billion videos in January 2012. But finding that special combination of both MP4 and free together may be more challenging . . .
MP4 videos.


Best Media Player for your computer

Choosing the ‘best’ of anything can be a difficult task. Choosing the best media player for your computer is among those because, well, there are so many great choices. There are even a lot of great free media players. Along with there being many different software options to sort through, there are many more features . . .
finding the best media player.


Comparing Video Converters Features

If you thought choosing a video player for your computer or mobile device was a maze of comparing different features, interfaces, capabilities and personal preferences, finding the right video format converter may be and even more baffling experience. We’ll smooth out some of the rough edges here and provide some key pointers to help make . . .
video format converters.


Matroska video fuke

Playing Matroska  (MKV) video files with the free RealPlayer wouldn’t ordinarily be possible. Why? RealPlayer does not have its own built-in support for MKV. However, there is a quick and reliable solution. We’ll explain how to play Matroska files perfectly with RealPlayer. WHY DO YOU NEED A MKV PLAYER? As a container format, MKV has . . .
playing Matroska files…


Comparing Video Player Software Features

Software is the heart and soul of video players designed for computers. There is a major hardware component for the software to even begin to work, but it’s the variations in the features and capabilities of the video player software that distinguishes each product. The range can be vast. Going from simple playback of a . . .
video player software.