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TV Or Not TV?

So recently I was spending prime-time work hours watching videos at Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s comedy site Funny or Die. All new stuff, all original, and a lot of it funnier and (really noticeable) of a higher professional quality than the funny stuff over on traditional broadcast TV. (Insert “Remember when SNL was...

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My 2012 CES Wish List

I didn’t make it to Las Vegas last month for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. (What, give up being snowed-in and bundled up like that kid in A Christmas Story for sun and fun in short sleeves at the year’s biggest tech-geek confab? Well, actually, yes. Please, boss, may I?) But that doesn’t mean...

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Dreaming About Streaming

I stream more media than ever before. Nearly all the TV shows and movies I watch are streamed straight to my laptop or, via Apple TV, my home theater big screen. I want more of that, especially since I’ve severed my cable TV subscription. The options available are already formidable, and they’re growing —...

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