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Joni Blecher

Joni Blecher, RealPlayer Blog Editor - Joni started covering technology back when cell phones didn't have color displays and quickly made a name for herself in the mobile industry as CNET's "Cell Phone Diva." In addition to covering everything mobile, she has launched and edited multiple blog sites. When Joni started appearing in product review videos, she fell in love with the story-telling format and honed her video skills to include producing and editing videos. Joni has made appearances on CNN, BBC, CNBC's Bulls Eye, and Good Day New York to discuss the latest in technology. When she's not spending her time writing or shooting video you can find her exploring and tasting the latest food trends.

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mobile flv player

Ever get sent a link to a video in email, check it on your phone only to find you can’t play the video? It can definitely be frustrating. There could be a few reasons why you can’t play the video, and all of those reasons are variations of your phone doesn’t support it. Often it . . .
FLV players for mobile…


video trends

Let’s face it, we love being entertained in the comfort of our own homes whether it’s watching funny cat videos online, streaming the NFL live, watching the MLB playoffs, or viewing our favorite television shows. Although we have had more control over when we watch TV with the introduction of the Digital Video Recorder …


video to mp3 step 4

While there are tons of videos available these days many people don’t always have the time to watch them all. That’s no reason to miss out on all that great content. After all, not all videos need to be watched when you can easily convert video into MP3 files. For example, maybe you’re interested in . . .