John Moore Archive

John is a longtime technology journalist and author — long enough to remember when the CD-ROM was going to change the media landscape as we know it. He’s written for PC Magazine, CNET, CNBC, and CNN/Money among other media outlets. His favorite lost cause: the New York Mets.

The Best YouTube TV Shows

When you think of TV on the web, you probably think of sites like Hulu and Netflix that stream previously aired network and cable shows. When you think of YouTube, you probably don’t think of TV shows at all. But the truth is that the Internet is rapidly becoming a platform for original programming.

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How to Record Skype Video Calls

One of Skype’s best features is its easy — and free — video calling feature. But what if you need to record a video interview? Or maybe you’d simply like to keep some personal conversations for posterity. Wondering how to record Skype video? It’s easier to do than you might think. Unfortunately, Skype doesn’t

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How To Make YouTube Videos And Share Them Online

With so much web video content produced every day you’re probably thinking it can’t be that difficult to do it yourself. And you’re right. Shooting and uploading video to YouTube and other sites full of user generated content such as Metacafe and Vimeo isn’t rocket science, though there are a few things you should

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Save And Stream MP4 Music Videos

Remember when music videos were all the rage? Neither do we. It’s easy to forget that MTV stands for music television. But artists still use music videos as a way to promote their material, and the best place to find those is as streaming MP4 videos is on the web. Once you find those

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