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Alane Jewel is a journalist, online marketer, and professional artist. She is a social jack of all trades and loves reinventing herself every couple years. She has been a women's magazine editor, newspaper columnist, retail buyer, and fine art artist. She loves sci-fi and to travel, write, paint, and spend her free time sharing all of her business on her social networks. She lives north of Pittsburgh with her husband, Steve, and a large beast of a Great Dane, Duke.

Masterpieces in Minutes: Speed Drawing

Gifted artists can turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece sometimes in as little as a few minutes. Their hands move gracefully over the pristine white surface with barely a smudge or a misstep. Many watch these artists perform their talent in mesmerized silence while budding artists gaze studiously as the masters do their

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Groundhog's Day: Play It Again

It seems like just yesterday we watched the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square and tomorrow will already be February 2nd when Americans celebrate Groundhog Day, a day where we wake up to see what a large rodent forecasts for our meteorological future. Most of us across the country cling to the

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