RealDownloader Plus:

Video Downloader and Converter

  • Download your videos directly into your iTunes library
  • Convert video to mp3 and other video formats
  • Accelerate your downloads by 200% and cut your wait time in half

Save 25%. RealDownloader Plus is only $29.99 for a limited time.

More power and greater speed…

…with these features and more from RealDownloader Plus

Download straight into iTunes

Download straight to iTunes

Never worry about where your videos are by downloading right into iTunes.

Convert to premium formats like QuickTime and more.

Transfer to your mobile device

Transfer videos to and from your smartphone.

Convert your favorite videos to an audio only format

Convert video to audio

Convert almost any video with sound into an audio track.

Download videos twice as fast from your favorite sites

Increase your download speed by 200%

Accelerated video downloads means you can cut your waiting time in half.

Download your favorite free videos 200% faster with the RealDownloader Plus, then convert the video to the format you need.

RealDownloader Plus matches all the easy-to-use functionality of the free version of RealDownloader, and adds speed, control, and the ability to convert videos. Love a free video you saw on YouTube, Facebook or Metacafe, but just want to take the audio with you? RealDownloader Plus gives you the ability to take audio off of a video and easily convert video to mp3 or into an audio only format, to work on the media player of your choice. RealDownloader Plus lets you download your videos directly into your iTunes library. Best of all—when you’ve downloaded the video, you no longer have to worry about buffering or streaming videos. You can watch your videos uninterrupted, any time you like, and RealDownloader Plus makes it easy to download videos, and the video transfer feature sends your videos directly to the mobile device of your choice to watch on the go.

How to download Web videos to your computer, phone, or mobile device.

Any time a free online video is available to download, the RealDownloader Plus video downloader lets you know. Simply click the “Download This Video” button that appears above each video on hundreds of free video websites, including Metacafe and Facebook, and it will automatically download to the source you choose. That means you can download and transfer video and audio files directly to your mobile device with one click. All it takes is 3 easy steps:
1. Go to your favorite video website and play a video.
2. Move your mouse over the upper-right corner of the video.
3. The “Download This Video” button appears. Click the button to start your download.
Click the ‘Download this video’ button just above the video.
That’s it. RealDownloader Plus opens and downloads your video to your selected device. You can keep watching and downloading more videos or even close the page.

Take a Closer Look

  • Download several videos simultaneously

    Download Videos Faster

    With one click, you can download your favorite videos so you can watch them anytime you want on your computer—or transfer them to your portable device.

  • Convert videos to the format you need

    Easy Transfer Video to your Device

    Use the video transfer feature to send web videos to your mobile device or even straight into iTunes with one click.

  • Watch your video even as it downloads

    Watch Your Videos Immediately

    RealDownloader Plus is the only video converter and downloader that also plays videos. Use the mini player to watch your video as it downloads.

From people who use RealDownloader Plus

  • Download straight into iTunes

    Download videos to your iTunes library and synch with your iPhone or iPad

    “Downloading videos directly to my iTunes library takes the headache out of trying to organize and manage my videos. It also makes it really easy to sync the videos to my iPod and iPad so I can take them on long flights.”

  • Speed up your video downloads by 200%

    Increase your download speed by 200%

    “By not having to wait around endlessly for my videos to download, RealDownloader Plus lets me get more done so I don’t have to sit around waiting for my downloads to finish.”

  • Quickly convert your favorite videos to audio so you can listen later

    Convert the audio on your video into audio tracks

    “My favorite band always posts free videos of their concerts on the Web. I love using RealDownloader Plus to turn the videos of their concerts to into audio tracks, so I can listen to the audio on my iPod at the gym.”

Save 25%. RealDownloader Plus is only $29.99 for a limited time.
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