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Product News Highlights – RealTimes and RealPlayer Reviews

Briefs: RealNetworks, MagnaCom, Vitec, Harmonic, Omnitron Systems
CED Magazine
RealNetworks announced the availability of its RealTimes Stories software development kit (SDK), a platform that enables mobile carriers and application developers worldwide to embed RealTimes’ core functionality, RealTimes Stories, into their native mobile applications.

RealNetworks Launches Mobile Video SDK
Michelle Clancy, Rapid TV News
Available as a mobile developer SDK for iOS and Android, the RealTimes Stories SDK provides developers with the application program interface (API) that allows them to use RealTimes Stories to tap into their own cloud and/or photo universe to create video montages.

RealTimes Stories SDK Allows Mobile Developers to Integrate Video Stories
Richard Harris, App Developer Magazine
The RealTimes platform provides the ability for an app to automatically pick the best moments from a consumer’s photo and video camera roll and instantly create a RealTimes Story which can be customized by rearranging clips and photos, changing the duration, and adding filters and personal soundtracks.

Making Memories with RealTimes
Ellen Scmidt, Baby Meets City
After downloading the RealTimes app, I got acquainted with its features. Once I’d given it access to my photos, you can easily select which “scene” (photo) you’d like to include in your “story” (mini film). Easy enough. You can re-order photos by dragging them with your finger, and there are all sorts of cool Instagram-like effects you can use, not to mention adding titles, stickers, frames, etc. Combining photo and video really takes your story to the next level, too, along with music that you can pick off the site, your own music or you can even record voice narration. Fun!

RealNetworks Releases RealTimes Stories SDK For Cloud-Based Media
Eric Zeman, Programmable Web
“The availability of the RealTimes Stories SDK marks a major milestone for RealNetworks by enabling … application developers to integrate our technology into their own platforms,” said Max Pellegrini, President, Products and Marketing, RealNetworks. “We chose Synchronoss for their global footprint, ability to scale, and relationships with multiple carriers around the world. Our arrangement with Synchronoss will enable us to address carriers globally with a very compelling joint proposition.”

RealNetworks Ties into Verizon’s Cloud Storage; Vodafone Calls for End to ‘Five-Nines’ Metric
Fierce Wireless Tech
RealNetworks formed a deal with Verizon that will see its RealTimes video app integrated into the carrier’s cloud storage service. Starting today, Verizon customers who store their photos in the cloud will find their best memories turned into a visual “story.”

RealNetworks Teams with Verizon to Make Those Old Photos on Your Phone Interesting Again
Ken Yeung, VentureBeat
Released in May, RealTimes … automatically turns the best photos and videos (those that are not blurry and have useful metadata) into slideshow montages. But RealNetworks chief executive Rob Glaser told VentureBeat that the service is actually much different — mostly because it’s not Google.

Verizon Integrates RealNetworks Software with Consumer Cloud
Andrew Berg, Wireless Week
RealTimes, which offers apps for Android and iOS, will come integrated in the Verizon Cloud. When opening the Verizon Cloud app, users will see a tab within “Photos and Videos” titled “Stories” in which they can click and begin to create their own personal montages with the RealTimes app.

Fall Festivities with RealTimes
Kristy Still, Mommy Hates Cooking
Recently, I was introduced to a new way to capture those memories with RealTimes. This amazing app is right up my alley. In just a few short minutes, you can create a beautiful video creation using both still photos and videos directly from your phone. I thought this past weekend would be the perfect time to capture a beautiful video as we enjoyed Halloween.

App Review: RealTimes (with RealPlayer)
Tom Dawson, Android Headlines
RealTimes is an Android app and service from the same people that brought you RealPlayer, which many have been using for decades now. RealTimes instantly and automatically creates video montages from the photos and videos on your smartphone, based on geolocation and timeline.

Share Your Memories with @RealTimes
Ellie Beatus, Mom Confessionals
RealTimes is an app that I recently discovered, which solved all of my photo fears. It simply takes my best pictures and turns them into something amazing. The app allows me to compile some of my favorite shots and share them with family and friends in a way like no other. It is so easy to use and requires almost no effort on your part. I can choose to be as involved or un-involved in the creative process as I’d like, because RealTimes literally can pick out the best photos for me

Last Day of Summer RealTime Adventure
Tesa Nicolanti, 2 Wired 2 Tired
You go about your day, take pictures and videos, and then when you open the app you will see Stories are created for you. You can even scroll back quite a few days and relive some of your past travels, events, or other memories all in a beautiful video montage. You can also customize each montage and create your own Stories as well.

Check Out My RealTimes Movie!
Mitch Chaitin, Gay NYC Dad
The RealTimes app is free. You just download the app and you can make stories from the pictures that you choose from your device. You can make 30 second videos, a great way to share a few pictures with everyone!

Last Days of Summer Family Fun with RealTimes app #Review #realtimes
Pamela Maynard, Mom Does Reviews
Being a mom and a blogger, I take a LOT of pictures of everything we do, well almost everything. We had the opportunity to go to the Mini Maker Faire for the second year in a row at our local Children’s Museum. … The only difference is that this year I have RealTimes to help me show everyone how much fun we really had. You don’t have to flip through an album, online or on paper, you just press play and watch the fun videos that RealTimes helps you create!

RealTimes Last Days of Summer Giveaway!
Becky Fixel, Week99er
There’s so much you can do with RealTimes app, including customizing your titles, music and even creating custom stories by selecting your images. The app even includes filters so you can make your own artistic video. Once your video is done, you can save it, share it or even embed it.

Survey: Photos an Important Part of Smartphones Use for Moms
Diana Goovaerts, Wireless Week
A recent RealNetworks, Inc. survey of found that 66 percent of moms who use smartphones take 75 percent or more of their family photos using their cellular device, with more than a quarter of respondents stating they take 100 percent of their family photos using their phone. …Among the 250 respondents to the online survey, which was conducted in early August, 62 percent said the worst part about losing their smartphone would be the loss of their family photos.

Survey by RealNetworks Revelas Moms’ Attitudes and Habits Toward Digital Photos
RealNetworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNWK), the creator of the video slideshow app RealTimes™, today released the results of its Modern Moms Survey. Sponsored by RealNetworks and conducted online by Harris Poll, the survey polled moms* of kids under 18 who take pictures of their family on their smartphone to better understand moms’ attitudes and habits toward digital memories.

RealTimes End of Summer $100 Visa Gift Card #giveaway ends 9/25
Jana Seitzer, Merlot Mommy
You can download the RealTimes app from iTunes or Google Play store. It’s a fun way to get a nice visual of the adventures you’ve just had, to tell a story about what you’ve done, and then share that story.

Unleash Your Photos with RealTimes Featuring Doug Wheeler
Neena Nandagopal, Almost Practical
Using RealTimes we can unleash our photos from our devices by effortlessly creating beautiful montages and easily share them with our friends, families and customers.

Beautiful, Shareable Videos of Your Photos with RealTimes
Allsion Holm, Seattle Local Mom Blog
When you use the RealTimes app, it basically finds your best photos/videos from that particular event and turns them into RealTime Stories–– a fun slideshow-esque feature that you can add a soundtrack to– and then it notifies you via email when it’s ready. And from there, you can share to family and friends (even if they don’t have the RealTime app). You can rearrange photos, add filters, change soundtracks and customize your “story” however you wish. Super easy to save and share on any device.

Save & Share Your Memories With RealTimes + $300 Target Gift Card Giveaway (7/31)
Emily, Emily Reviews
RealTimes is a new cloud-based sharing sharing service that automatically creates montages of all of your photos and videos that are organized based on location and date. This is a cool way to share ALL of your photos (instead of just picking one or two for social media) in a condensed way that doesn’t feel like “photospam” seems how they’re in a cute and quick video.

Securely Store and Share Photos with Premium RealTimes + Giveaway
Melanie Kampman, Giveaway Bandit
Let the RealTimes app find the best photos and videos you’ve taken and automatically turn them into RealTimes Stories. You can then easily save and share with your family and friends!

Saving and Creating Real Time Memories
Katy Rose, Modly Chic
The cloud-based service is pretty amazing, considering it does more than just store your pictures. It also easily and even automatically turns similar photos (based on location or time taken) into simple video montages to be shared with others. You can make your own as well as use the ones the service automatically creates. Sweet, right!? Talk about a time-saver.

Memories Instantly with RealNetworks RealTimes +$300 Target Giveaway
Shelley Zurek, Still Blonde After All These Years
Can you even imagine all the photos and videos you take at special events? of your kids? of your grandkids? RealTimes instantly and automatically makes montages that are perfectly organized by location and date using the photos and videos on their device. Now you can spend less time trying to edit and share photos of the kids to loved ones and more time enjoying the special moments.

In No Time, It’s SHOW TIME with the RealTimes App
Katie Reed, A Mother Thing
RealTimes™ allows anyone to take photos and videos and turn them automagically into stories that can be shared in real time on any device anywhere. Snap, Tap, Clap! RealTimes™ picks your best smiles, best lighting, saves it to a cloud, and even add music. It’s all done for you.

Create Easy Shareable Stories with RealTimes App
Allison Waken, All For the Boys
I love photos and videos. LOVE them. They often get stuck on my phone or computer with maybe one or two being shared here and there on social media. The videos get left out quite a bit as well as the cheesy ones that grandma loves. Often the problem is taking the time to pull everything together in a way that makes sense. That’s why I’m loving the RealTimes™ App!

How to Automatically Share Stories with the RealTimes App
Leslie Lambert, Lamberts Lately
The RealTimes™ App effortlessly takes the pictures and videos that you record on your smartphone each and every day and organizes them into memorable, easy-to-edit video stories. These stories backup automatically to your RealCloud, a private cloud drive that you can access from your smartphone, PC, TV, or tablet.

Sharing Our Stories with Family Using RealTimes™
Delia H, Semi Domesticated Mama
I recently downloaded the RealTimes™ App for a creative way to share all these great memories. My photos and videos are part of the story of our life and RealTimes™ helps me to easily turn them into a fabulous video that I can share with family and friends. RealTimes™ automagically creates beautiful and engaging video Stories from my photos and videos, helping me capture and share life’s adventures with no effort.

RealTimes From Our Beach Vacation
Molly, Stilettos and Diapers
I recently downloaded the RealTimes™ app, while on our beach vacation. With claims to create stories from my photos and videos automagically, I decided to give it a shot with the millions of random photos I’d snapped of scenery, cousins and donuts on our trip. As soon as it downloaded, I had five 30-second videos waiting on me.

Creating Stories with RealTimes
Hillary Leonard, Because My Life is Fascinating
I love how RealTimes™ takes my best photos and videos and gives me a gorgeous montage to share with friends and family. I’m a sucker for sappy montages. I mean, who wouldn’t want a perfectly synchronized, highlight reel for all the big life events? RealTimes™ is an app that enriches your life with its simplicity and knack for finding the high points among the ordinary.

Photo & Story Sharing App: RealTimes
Caitlin Wolper, New York Family
Using an algorithm that detects photo duplicates, smiles, and blur, the app picks the best moments on your smartphone and instantly and automatically creates RealTimes Stories that you can save, share, and look back on fondly.

RealPlayer Launches RealTimes Cloud Storage Service for Photos and Videos
Chance Kinney, ChipChick
RealTimes is a cloud storage service for photos and videos, which is a tough sell when there are so many companies, large and small, offering the same thing. It’s an evolution of their older RealPlayer Cloud service, one that seeks to add value by turning your best photos and videos into montages and stories that you can share easily — ideal for anyone who takes an unmanageable number of photos. The stories feature is a little like what Google Photos does automatically, but putting it nicely, there’s a lot of room for improvement on what Google does.

Use RealTimes to Share Your Father’s Day Memories This Year
Trisha Novotny, 24/7 Moms
The great thing about the app is how simple and quick it is! The instant you snap a few photos and take videos on your smartphone, the app has made a story for you behind-the-scenes — you don’t have to do any of the work!

Share Your RealTimes Story in our #RealDadsContest & Win a $100 Gift Card
Louise Bishop, MomStart
[RealTimes] is perfect for busy families who want to share special moments, but don’t have time to sift through all the pictures to do it. Uploading event photos to Facebook has become the new “I-swear-I’ll-put-these-photos-in-the-scrapbook-soon”! This way, you can easily share those moments with a lovely, quality video. The app is free, and you can even use it with Chromecast and Roku to play your stories on TV!

App of the Week: RealTimes Reminds us that Slideshows Can be Cool
James Risley, GeekWired
You can switch up the pictures, videos and music, along with the order, if you don’t like the initial results. You can also add text, drawings and perform other edits to your photos within the app. An upgrade to a premium tier grants you more filters, more storage and longer videos, which are limited to 30 seconds in the free version.

RealTimes: A New Photo Sharing Service by RealNetworks
RealNetworks says that users who have previously used the RealPlayer Cloud app can automatically upgrade their subscription to RealTimes for free. If users had any media stored in their RealPlayer Cloud account, that media is automatically imported into the RealTimes app for your manipulation.

The Company Behind RealPlayer Wants to Turn Your Photos Into Home Movies
Dan Tynan, Yahoo! Tech
You can save your creation to your phone, share it on Facebook, or link to it via Twitter, SMS, or email. The link sends you to the RealTimes website, where you can view the story or download it.

RealPlayer Makers Launch New Photo Cloud Back-up App Called RealTimes
Ida Torres, Android Community
All of the memories stored in your mobile device will be stored in the cloud by RealTime. All the photos and videos that you upload in the app will then be sorted automatically into a timeline. But you can also create special albums so you can still organize them the way you want to. If you want to share some of the photos or albums, the sharing settings in the app are pretty easy and standard. You can even create “Live Albums” which can be shared and updated automatically if you add some new pictures or videos.

Glaser on App Bringing ‘Pictures to Life’
Carol Massar and Cory Johnson, Bloomberg Advantage
“…[RealTimes] has a lot of great, unique technology for creating video, for analyzing video – and it’s a real-time experience.” [AUDIO]

RealNetworks Hasn’t Given Up on a Comeback.
Hope King, CNN Money
In an attempt to stand out once again, the Seattle-based company unveiled its latest offering on Tuesday: RealTimes. And it’s actually pretty cool.

RealTimes (RealPlayer)
Razvan Serea, Neowin
Now called RealTimes, RealPlayer for PC has evolved into much more than just a media player. It is still the perfect way to play and manage all of your video content on your PC, download web videos from popular sites , convert videos to other formats and burn music to a CD – now with a whole lot more.

RealNetworks Launches RealTimes app
RealNetworks announced the launch of RealTimes, a new app and service that finds the best photos and videos taken by end-users and automatically turns them into RealTimes Stories that can be saved and shared. RealTimes Stories can be shared and recipients don’t even need the app to view the Stories.

Q&A: RealNetworks’ Rob Glaser on the Necessity of Reinvention
Matt Day, The Seattle Times
We are in the process of going from being a caterpillar to a butterfly, I guess I would say. RealTimes is first and foremost a consumer service, so I would say that one of the decisions we’ve taken is we’re going to focus on our consumer-product offerings.

[RealSomething] RealPlayer Cloud Suddenly Becomes a Cloud-Based Photo/Video Manager Called RealTimes
Ryan Whitman, AndroidPolice
RealTimes builds “Stories” from your content automatically, a little like Google+ Stories. It sounds like RealTimes offers more control over Stories, though. If you don’t like the way it pieces things together, you can hit the remix button to change them up.

Got Too Many Pics to Handle? This App Turns Your Messy Gallery into Shareable Stories
Karen Tumbokon, Digital Trends
From the moment your baby was born to your baby’s first birthday, the RealTimes app creates engaging photo and video stories. The RealTimes app lets users rearrange clips and photos, change the duration, add filters, and use personal soundtracks. Recipients don’t even need to install the RealTimes app, in order to view RealTime Stories, either, which makes sharing easier.

RealNetworks’ Next App Makes Sense of Your Photos and Videos
Devindra Hardawar, Engadget
The company that gave us RealPlayer is now targeting something else entirely: All of the media that we take that never sees the light of day. RealTimes, the next flagship app from RealNetworks, automatically backs up your photos and videos into the cloud and sorts them into easily shareable montages.

RealNetworks Launches ‘RealTimes’ App, Making New Comeback Bid
Todd Bishop, Geekwire
RealNetworks is releasing RealTimes initially for nine different devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Windows PCs, Chromecast and Roku TV players, in addition to a web app. Versions of the app are in the works for Mac, Xbox One and Amazon devices.

Real Shutters RealPlayer Cloud, Launches RealTimes Service
The RealTimes software, in conjunction with the company’s cloud storage, picks moments from a consumer’s photo and video camera roll and automatically creates a RealTimes Story, curating the user’s stored media for easier consumption.

Rob Glaser Gets Real
Steven Levy, Medium
RealTimes is cleverly named. It’s a cunning description of what the app produces: an instant mini-narrative from photos and videos, with a tuneful soundtrack. And it includes the name of the company behind it, a firm that was so early in the Internet that it was able to secure the priceless domain,

RealNetworks Tries Again with RealTimes Video Montage App
Stepahnie Mlot, PC Magazine
RealTimes is billed as a faster, easier way to get the most out of your personal content. The app automatically picks the best moments from your camera roll to create a RealTimes Story video.

RealNetworks’ RealTimes Makes it a Snap to Share Good Times with Short Videos
Jon L. Jacobi, PCWorld
…RealTimes, adds a touch of class to your photo and video sharing with intelligently constructed video montages. RealTimes comes in free and pay versions and utilizes online storage to back up/sync your media and its creations across devices.

RealTimes is a New Cloud Storage Solution for Photo and Video
Michael Achambault, PetaPixelv
RealTimes allows you to upload your media to the cloud where it will then be sorted based on timestamps and geolocation. The service even includes an algorithm that helps users to determine the best photographs, while ignoring duplicated and blurry snapshots.

RealNetworks Launches Photo Service, CEO says ‘We Know What We’re Doing’
Rachel Lerman, Puget Sound Business Journal
The new app, and accompanying desktop version, released Tuesday collects photos and videos and organizes them by time and location. It lets the user create slideshows and videos set to music.

RealNetworks Launches RealTimes Service
Doug Dobbins, Takes on Tech
RealNetworks today announced the launch of RealTimes, the company’s successor to RealPlayer Cloud. The RealTimes software, in conjunction with the company’s cloud storage, picks moments from a consumer’s photo and video camera roll and automatically creates a RealTimes Story, curating the user’s stored media for easier consumption.

RealNetwork’s Latest App Now Makes it Easy to Share Photos and Videos with Friends and Family
Taha Qureshi, Tech News Today
The latest app, RealTime is based on pervious app dubbed as RealPlayer Cloud, which was introduced in 2013. All the features of the old app are now available on the new app and it lets users to upgrade the app to RealTimes for free of cost with all the videos and photos are transferred to the RealTime account.

Aiming for a Comeback, RealNetworks Introduces the Photo-Sharing App RealTimes
Brian X. Chen, The New York Times
The RealTimes app lets users stitch photos and videos into montages that are stored on RealNetworks’s cloud service. The app, which is compatible with iPhones, Android devices, PCs and some TV streaming devices, is free for those who want to create clips that are no longer than 30 seconds; for people who want to make longer videos and use more cloud storage, Real offers paid subscription plans.

RealNetworks Launches RealTimes, an Overhaul of its Cloud-based Photo Sharing Service
Jackie Dove, The Next Web
You can customize RealTimes Stories by rearranging clips and photos, changing duration and adding filters and soundtracks. RealTimes Stories can be seamlessly shared, as recipients don’t need the app to view the stories.

RealNetworks Service Sorts Photos so They’re Easy to Share
Matt Day, The Seattle Times
RealTimes will provide an easy way to share important moments culled from that pile of digital content. The software is designed to identify themes in photos and videos, such as a set of images that were taken in a short time or at a particular location; identify the best photos and video snippets; and tie them together in a slideshow with video that can be set to music.

RealNetworks Enters the Crowded Photo Backup Market with a New App
Sean O’Kane, The Verge
RealTimes demands no extra work; if you like the stories (or “ads of your life,” as Max Pellegrini, RealNetworks’ president of products and marketing, calls them) you can export the videos or share them in a few taps and be on your way.

RealNetworks Turns Photos and Videos into Personal Montages
Don Clark, The Wall Street Journal
RealNetworks Inc., an Internet pioneer searching for a new formula for growth, is betting on helping smartphone users make better use of the photos and videos they’ve taken.

RealNetworks Banks on RealTimes Stories Photos App to Write a Happy Ending
Ed Baig, USA Today
On Tuesday, RealPlayer Cloud gets a new name, RealTimes, and an expanded set of features that Glaser hopes will appeal in particular to parents who take tons of pictures and videos of the kids. In other words, practically every mom and dad with a smartphone.

Ed Baig: RealNetworks Banks its Comeback on RealTimes Stories Photos App [Video] 
Ed Baig, USA Today
We take all these photos and videos. Only to share a few. Wouldn’t it be great? To SAVE, SEE, and SHARE all those memories in real time? (video)

RealPlayer Cloud Stores Videos Online and Allows for Easy Sharing
Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal
Real boasts that its new service reformats videos to best suit the device to which you stream or download them …..I think RealPlayer Cloud is well-designed and makes storing and sharing videos easy across different devices.

RealPlayer Cloud Launches with Cross-platform Storage and Video Playback
Jaymar Cabebe, CNET
Perhaps the best thing about RealPlayer Cloud is its integrated SurePlay technology, which essentially eliminates any potential incompatibility issues between specific devices and file types. With SurePlay built in, RealPlayer Cloud can play just about any video file on just about any device.

RealPlayer Cloud: The Web Video Pioneer Aims to be the Ultimate Hub for all Your Videos
Devindra Hardawar, Venture Beat
RealNetworks . . . is once again aiming to reinvent the way we watch videos online with RealPlayer Cloud, a new service that lets you upload video files to the company’s servers, instantly access them across all of your devices, and share them with your friends.

RealPlayer Cloud Fuses Video Player and Cloud Storage, Launches on Android, iOS, PC and Roku HD
Mat Smith, Engadget
It’s combined its upgraded player app with 2GBs of free cloud storage, allowing users to move videos across devices, stream or download them and beam them out to compatible TV sets (via Roku).

CCleaner Offers Cleaning Tools for New Apps Including Real Player Cloud
Nick Peers, BetaNews
CCleaner 4.13 comes with improved browser cleaning tools as well as some general program improvements and support for three new applications, including Real Player Cloud.

PlayOn Gives Google Chromecast Users Access to RealPlayer Cloud in Universal Interface for TV/Video Watching
Todd Spangler, Variety
Since its launch, Chromecast has picked up a slew of other partners, including RealPlayer Cloud, Pandora, Hulu Plus and HBO Go and more.

RealPlayer Cloud in Line-Up of Offerings of Chromecast Adapters with MediaMall’s New PC-to-TV Server Software
Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News
Chromecast supports Rdio, VUDU, Photowall, Crackle, Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play TV & Movies, Google Play Music, Vevo, Red Bull.TV, Songza, Plex, PostTV, Viki, and RealPlayer Cloud.

RealPlayer Cloud App Lets Users Watch Videos On Any Device/Screen
Amy Corr, Media Post – Out to Launch
Think of the RealPlayer Cloud as a Dropbox for your videos. The free app allows users to privately share videos with friends and family, back content up in the cloud, and watch or download videos onto any device or screen. RealPlayer Cloud is compatible with Chromecast and Roku, so users can watch videos on TV, home-movie style.

Chromecast Paving the Way for a Plethora of Apps Like RealPlayer Cloud
Chris Crum, WebProNews
Google opened up developer support for Chromecast, paving the way for a plethora of apps to support it, including RealPlayer Cloud. The inexpensive device is only going to become more and more attractive to users as more options become available.

Chromecast ‘A Real Hit’- Now Supports RealPlayer Cloud
Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News
Chromecast now supports Rdio, VUDU, Photowall, Crackle, Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play TV & Movies, Google Play Music, Vevo, Red Bull.TV, Songza, Plex, PostTV, Viki, and RealPlayer Cloud. Users can also cast a Chrome browser tab from their PCs or laptops to the TV.

Use RealPlayer Cloud as a Must-have App for Music Festivals
Leah Yamshon, TechHive
RealPlayer Cloud is specifically for videos. The app correctly formats your videos to fit any device to assure that you get the best playback possible when watching, and stores them in the cloud for easy sharing.

Media Streamers Compared, Chromecast Supports RealPlayer Cloud
Will Greenwald,
Chromecast supports content from Netflix, HBO GO, Showtime, Starz, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Crackle, Rdio, Google Play, Songza, Plex, Viki, Vevo, PostTV, RealPlayer Cloud, PostTV, and more.

RealPlayer Cloud is Optimized for Google’s Chromecast
Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News
Apps optimized for the Chromecast include Rdio, VUDU, Photowall, Crackle, Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play TV & Movies, Google Play Music, Vevo, Red Bull.TV, Songza, Plex, PostTV (videos from The Washington Post), Viki, and RealPlayer Cloud.

RealPlayer Cloud Will Be One of the First Apps Integrated with Fire TV at its Launch
Nick Farrell, Fudzilla
RealNetworks has unveiled its RealPlayer Cloud, which is an integrated video player and cloud service app, which will be available on Amazon Fire TV. With the addition of Fire TV, the Amazon and RealPlayer Cloud communities now have an all-new way to watch their video collections on their big screens from the comfort of their living room.

RealPlayer Signs up for Amazon Fire TV
Nik Roseveare, Advanced Television
RealPlayer Cloud will be integrated with Fire TV at its launch. Because Fire TV was built upon an Android operating system, the development of the RealPlayer Cloud app was a more fluid and much faster process than what is normal for a new platform.

RealPlayer Cloud Among Video Platforms Announced for Amazon Fire TV
John Stewart, The Slanted
RealPlayer Cloud will be one of the first apps integrated with Fire TV at its launch. Because Fire TV was built upon an Android operating system, the development of the RealPlayer Cloud app was a more fluid and much faster process than what is normal for a new platform.

RealPlayer Cloud Wants to be Your Go-to App for Watching, Storing, and Sharing Video
Joseph Keller, iMore
RealPlayer Cloud is a new way to store, find, and share videos. Rather than simply holding videos like a service such as Dropbox might, video is the singular focus of RealPlayer Cloud, and it plays multiple formats on desktops and mobile devices.

How to Rescue Vintage Camcorder Footage
Rob Pegoraro, USA Today
For watching otherwise-unplayable iOS clips on Android, you might want to try an option that wasn’t around the last time I considered that problem: RealPlayer Cloud. This combination of app and Web service from RealNetworks automatically converts iOS video to Android-friendly formats and vice versa while also allowing viewing online and through a Roku app.

RealPlayer Cloud, A Top iOS Apps for March 2014
Shantau Prasher, Men’s XP
With RealPlayer Cloud, you don’t need to worry about formatting or converting the videos or even carry an HDMI cable. The app automatically converts, formats and share your videos. You can even upload your videos to RealPlayer Cloud and watch them on your other smartphones, Windows computer, iPad, iPhone, TV, and browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. At the first installation you even get 2GB of storage space free.

RealPlayer Cloud, Dubbed “Dropbox for videos,” is Now Available in the Play Store
Justin Herrick, Talk Android
RealNetworks’ RealPlayer Cloud service has gone live and the app is now available over in the Google Play Store. Formerly known as just RealPlayer, RealPlayer Cloud will allow users to store and play videos from — you guessed it — the cloud. The company says it already has more than 500,000 users in the United States and Canada combined. And aside from being able to use RealPlayer Cloud with televisions and web browsers, Chromecast support is included.

RealPlayer Cloud Goes Global with their Media Storage and Player Service
Jonathan Feist, Android Authority
RealNetworks has announced their global launch of RealPlayer Cloud. RealPlayer Cloud already has half of a million users in Canada and the United States, but starting February 24th, the rest of the world can get in on the self proclaimed “Dropbox for videos.”

RealPlayer Cloud Now Available Globally – Lets Users Store Up to 2 GB of Videos for Free
Tre Lawrence,
Mobile content management is such an important feature for so many consumers. Accordingly, RealNetworks is stepping up by rolling out its RealPlayer Cloud service internationally. The RealPlayer Cloud allows users to access and share cloud-stored videos from supported internet-connected devices. Previously uploaded content can be accessed without the need to convert formats and/or carry cables around. RealNetworks founder and interim CEO Rob Glaser describes as as “essentially Dropbox for videos.”

RealPlayer Transforms Into The Flexible ‘RealPlayer Cloud’ In A Global Rollout
Alex Tretbar, Digital Trends
With this worldwide unveiling, RealPlayer both swiftly expands its capabilities and absorbs itself into a new entity, existing now under the moniker “RealPlayer Cloud.”

RealPlayer Cloud Announces International Launch
Robert Briel, Broadband TV News
RealNetworks has announced the global roll-out of RealPlayer Cloud, allowing users to move, watch and share videos on any device or operating system, anywhere in the world.

Briefly: RealPlayer Cloud Goes International, Aereo Launch in Austin
RealNetworks has announced today that RealPlayer Cloud is now available for international users … [providing] users with 2GB of free cloud storage space, with additional storage available through subscription plans starting at $5 per month for 25GB of data.

RealPlayer Cloud Goes Global, Now Sends Videos via SMS
J.R. Bookwater, Mac Life
The services is geared specifically towards allowing you to upload videos to the cloud for easy streaming, sharing and casting … [supporting] all major mobile device OS’s along with your PC, Roku and Chromecast devices [and] all the popular file formats FLV, WMV, MKV, DIVX, XVID, MOV, AVI and MP4.

RealPlayer Cloud Rolls Out Worldwide with New SMS Text Capabilities
H Wallace, Mobile Marketing
New SMS text capabilities let iOS and Android users easily share videos via SMS, which are automatically reformatted in the cloud to watch on all devices.

RealPlayer Cloud Rolls Out Internationally, Adding SMS Text Capabilities and Refer-a-Friend Rewards
Sarah Guarino, 9 to 5 Mac
For every friend that signs up through [user] referral, [the user] and friend each receive an extra 1GB of storage space. Additionally, iOS users can share links via SMS messaging and iMessage.

RealPlayer Cloud Update Introduces New Referral Scheme And SMS Sharing
Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice
Powered by RealNetworks’ SurePlay technology, RealPlayer Cloud allows for auto-formatting of videos according to any device’s screen size, available bandwidth, and storage space.

RealPlayer Cloud Goes Global
Jason Parker, CNET
RealPlayer Cloud was first announced in September 2013, but was only available in the US and Canada. With today’s announcement, people will be able to share videos internationally.

RealPlayer Cloud Rolls Out Globally to Store and View Video from Any Device
Jake Smith, Pocket Link
[The] Dropbox for videos, RealPlayer Cloud aims to be an online file locker for personal and non-DRM flicks. Accessibility is a large part of RealPlayer Cloud, available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 Modern UI, Windows, Kindle Fire, Roku and Chromecast.

RealNetworks Says its Video-Sharing Service is Ready for a Worldwide Stage
Philip Michaels, TechHive
RealPlayer Cloud is looking to fill a global person-to-person sharing demand—sort of a Dropbox or iCloud, but with a specific focus on video.

RealPlayer Cloud Gives You the Best of All Worlds When it Comes to Playing Video
Nick Peers, BetaNews
RealPlayer Cloud aims to give you maximum flexibility over accessing video via its own local, network and cloud service. Both desktop and mobile apps make it possible to upload video stored on the device to the user’s RealPlayer Cloud account.

Use RealPlayer Cloud to Stream Videos from Android to Chromecast
Brad Linder, Liliputing
Sign up for RealPlayer Cloud for free and you get 2GB of cloud storage which you can use to upload photos, videos, and other content so you can access it across a range of devices. You can use the RealPlayer Cloud app for Android to browse your collection, watch your videos on your phone or tablet, or stream them to a Chromecast.

RealPlayer Cloud Paves Premium Video Path To Google Chromecast
Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News
Google Chromecast is currently optimized for … RealPlayer Cloud. Users can also cast a Chrome browser tab from their PCs or laptops to the TV. That content menu, which pales versus the 1,200-plus apps and “channels” offered on the Roku platform, is expected to expand rapidly following the release of the Chromecast SDK by Google earlier this month.

RealPlayer Cloud Helps You Stream Video To Your Chromecast Connected Device
Justin Diaz, Android Headlines
RealPlayer Cloud is one of the better Chromecast supported apps out there … you’ll get much more than the limited amount of cloud space, plus you won’t have to upload a thing, saving you a little bit of time, and allowing you more time to stream!

Chromecast Adds Ten New Apps Including RealPlayer Cloud
Sara Guarino, 9 to 5 Mac
Very quickly after its release, Chromecast has received support for Hulu +, Pandora, and HBO GO. Last month a major update added ten new apps including RealPlayer Cloud. The most recent update the Chromecast received allowed users to stream Google Play Movies and Music directly from the Chrome browser on a computer.

Chromecast Supports RealPlayer Cloud Among Others
Authint Mail
The device launched in July with Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play TV, movies, and music streaming, and has since added support for HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Songza, and RealPlayer Cloud, among others.

Chromecast Supports RealPlayer Cloud, Adds Rdio Beats Music Applications
Periscope Post
Currently available only in the U.S., the Chromecast will reportedly cross the pond next month, making its debut in the U.K. on March 1, according to The Next Web. The device [also announced] support for HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Songza, and RealPlayer Cloud, among others.

Currys Confirm Chromecast Update Release to Bring Extra Content Support for RealPlayer Cloud
Matt Tran, Product Reviews
However an update was released in December bringing extra content support such as Pandora, Plex, Realplayer Cloud, Vevo, Viki and Revision 3.

Google Chromecast Review: Boasts Thousands of Apps Including RealPlayer Cloud
Sam Kieldsen, Know Your Mobile
If you don’t already have the ability to watch Netflix, YouTube or Google Play videos on your TV and want to, the Chromecast is an absolute steal for the price. Idiot-proof to set up and use, it performs well and supports thousands of apps including RealPlayer Cloud.

Chromecast to get Rdio, Beats Music Apps – Includes RealPlayer Cloud App
Mittal Mandalia, Techie News
Chromecast currently has apps such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Songza, RealPlayer Cloud, and Google Play TV, movies, and music streaming among others.

RealPlayer Cloud Celebrates the Seahawks!
Taylor Soper, GeekWire
RealNetworks, which just moved into a new office space down the street from CenturyLink Field, gave away 12GB of free storage on RealPlayer Cloud for anyone who shared a celebration video through the service. Submissions posted to Twitter or Facebook and had the hashtag #GoHawks12.

Chromecast Development Supports RealPlayer Cloud
Steve Smith, Media Post
After an initial burst of name brand apps with Chromecast support (Netflix, YouTube, Google Play) upon its release last year, Google allowed in small waves of subsequent apps: HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora, and Vevo, as well as Red Bull TV and RealPlayer Cloud.

RealPlayer Supported Chromecast SDK opened up to developers
Gadgets Addict
Google has announced that it has opened up the Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers, allowing them to build Chromecast support into additional apps and websites. Chromcast [currently supports] RealPlayer Cloud, among others.

RealPlayer Cloud Among First Apps Supported by Chromecast
Steve Sanger, World TV PC
The Chromecast launched with a limited support of services, but they were the important ones in Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play Store video. Hulu Plus and HBO Go were added, swiftly followed by 10 more apps that included Pandora, Vevo, Songza, PostTV, Revision 3, Red Bull.TV, BeyondPod, Plex, Avia, and RealPlayer Cloud.

Chromecast Supports RealPlayer Cloud; Opens to Developers
Stephanie Mlot, PCMag
The $35 dongle hit shelves in July, bringing Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play TV, movies, and music streaming to any HDTV with an HDMI slot and available Wi-Fi. Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and PC, the service has since added support for HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, VEVO, Songza, and RealPlayer Cloud, among others. Google initially placed limits on which developers could stream through the dongle. Now, hundreds of developers can get their hands on the system—a preview version of which was released late last year.

Google opens Chromecast to all developers; Supports Media Application RealPlayer Cloud
Seth Rosenblatt, CNET
Chromecast’s limited development has thus far demonstrated only a small part of its potential, tapping into video, music, and local media applications like RealPlayer Cloud. Its future, said Chandra, depends on developers.

RealPlayer Cloud Partner App to Chromecast TV Device in High Demand
Todd Spangler, Variety
Google launched Chromecast last July with support for … RealPlayer Cloud. Chromecast sold out less than 24 hours after it went on sale, and Google execs admitted they underestimated demand. The company has not disclosed how many Chromecast units it has sold.

Google Chromecast Currently Optimized for RealPlayer Cloud
Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News
The Google Chromecast is currently optimized for Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Google Play TV & Movies, Google Play Music, Vevo, Red Bull.TV, Songza, Plex, PostTV (videos from The Washington Post), Viki, and RealPlayer Cloud. Users can also cast a Chrome browser tab from their PCs or laptops to the TV.

Chromecast Brings World of Options to Your TV Including RealPlayer Cloud
Brian Mosely, Times-Gazette
It can use mobile or web applications to push online entertainment to your set. Supported services like HBO GO, Pandora Radio, RealPlayer Cloud, and Vevo are available, with many more currently in development, the company says.

Best Windows 8 Apps this Week: RealPlayer Cloud
Martin Brinkmann, BetaNews
RealNetworks released RealPlayer Cloud some time ago. The service combines the media player RealPlayer with a cloud service that you can use to upload, stream and share videos. You can use the app to record a video using a connected camera, or view all previously recorded videos, but that is about all. If you sign in, videos can be synced to your online space so that they can be accessed from any other devices you have connected to the account.

Windows 8.1 App Watch: RealPlayer Cloud
Fahad Ali, Eye On Windows
And one of the best [very few true multimedia players] that offers support for a larger variety of file formats (including MKV) in a very neatly designed package is RealPlayer Cloud. Published by Real Networks, this free app merges the world of multimedia and cloud, and does so refreshingly.

RealPlayer Cloud Helps Moms Share Their Favorite Videos!
Katherine, The iPhone Mom
RealPlayer Cloud – a video sharing and cloud service app – helps moms share their favorite videos with those closest to them! Additionally, videos are stored securely in the cloud, making them accessible on any screen.

Chromecast Provides Bigger Screen to Watch RealPlayer Cloud Content
Vincent Funaro, Christian Post
Chromecast utilizes data from a cloud and sends it directly to a TV set through its HDMI output. Content can be accessed from those clouds by connecting the Chromecast and a device such as a smartphone or tablet directly to a Wi-Fi network. Once the user’s app is connected, anything they watch or play on the device’s app will also show up on their TV screen giving them a bigger screen to watch RealPlayer Cloud content on.

First Integrated Video Player and Cloud Service: RealPlayer Cloud
Razvan Mihai Asmanow Serea, Neowin
RealPlayer Cloud is the first integrated video player and cloud service. RealPlayer Cloud allows people to seamlessly move, watch, save, and share their videos across any device. RealPlayer Cloud automatically transforms video formats in the cloud to give viewers the highest quality experience possible, no matter what device or screen size. RealPlayer Cloud apps are available starting today for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Web and Roku.

RealPlayer Cloud Simplifies Media Sharing
Online Backup Magazine
RealPlayer gained notoriety back in the mid 1990s as a method to stream audio and video over slower connections. RealPlayer looks to reboot its business model using the cloud. RealPlayer has perfected the art of streaming content from one point to another. This marriage between RealPlayer and the cloud seems to be a perfect fit.

A first look at RealPlayer Cloud
Martin Brinkmann,
RealNetworks comeback aims to take over the personal video space market. While not the only solution to do so, it is one of the easiest to configure and use.

Hands on with RealPlayer Cloud and Chromecast Streaming
Paul E. King, Pocketables
I got the idea to try RealPlayer Cloud, and started uploading from my phone … and as it started uploading it became immediately streamable to the Chromecast. I let about six percent of the video get uploaded from my home computer before I started it streaming on the ADSL. After I started playing I was a bit concerned that the bandwidth available might make for a crappy experience, but I didn’t notice any buffering, stuttering, or artifacting, and I was able to watch my show being uploaded as I watched over two thousand miles away with no issues.

New Apps Include RealPlayer Cloud and HBO Go as Chrome Preps for International Launch
Steve Smith, Media Post
In just the last weeks Chromecast has added HBO Go, Hulu, Pandora, Vevo, Revision 3, photos via Plex, RealPlayer, and more. But even more to the point, Google’s larger plan is starting to become clearer. In an article at GigaOm, Google VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz explains that Chromecast will be launching internationally soon. In addition, an open SDK is already being shown to more than 20 developers in preparation to its going live to all developers in 2014. Even before then, he promises another wave of compatible apps coming soon.

Chromecast Now Includes RealPlayer Cloud App
Michelle Amodio, Google Apps News
Google seems to be updating its inexpensive device with more apps and features for the common cord cutter. The company recently announced a full host of apps that let users stream cloud-based content to their Chromecast, including RealPlayer Cloud, Plex, and Avia.

RealPlayer Cloud App Now Casting to Chromecast
Jeff Chabot, HD Report
Once a video is cast (using a simple button in the upper right corner of the RealPlayer Cloud interface), you’re also able to use your device to control the video much like you would with a remote control. The playback is enabled via SurePlay, a RealPlayer technology built for seamless playback of videos on various screens and through various bandwidths.

Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps from Last Week: RealPlayer Cloud
Steve Raycraft, Android and Me
This well loved media player lets you store media in the cloud and share it across various devices.

Store and Share Your Videos with RealPlayer Cloud
Jenny Nanninga, 5 Minutes for Mom
With RealPlayer Cloud you can upload videos of any format to the cloud and they are automatically adjusted for your device screen-size, bandwidth, and device type prior to playback. The RealPlayer Cloud supports all popular formats, so sharing is simple. After uploading, you can privately share your videos with friends and family.

RealPlayer Cloud Part of Early Chromecast Expansion
David Murphy,
Google initially placed limits on which developers could offer Chromecast streaming in their respective apps. If you’ll recall from Chromecast’s launch, that was pretty much only Netflix — in addition to the device being able to stream media from Google’s own services, like YouTube and Google Play. The company later officially welcomed Pandora and Hulu Plus, in addition to HBO GO, into the Chromecast fold, and this past week’s announcement brings apps like Plex, RealPlayer Cloud, and Revision3 into Chromecast-land.

Chromecast Update – Plex, Realplayer, Pandora & More!
Adam Koueider, Android Authority
We went hands on with the Pandora app, as well as Vevo, Plex, Revision 3, Realplayer Cloud and Viki, to demonstrate all of the powerful apps and features that have been added to the Chromecast. One thing to note, is that if you’d like to stream content from these newly supported apps, make sure you’ve got the apps all updated, to ensure that you’ve got the version that actually supports Chromecast streaming.

RealNetworks Integrates with Google Chromecast, CIOL Bureau
RealPlayer Cloud becomes one of the first few apps integrating with Chromecast, as Google continues to broaden its offerings since its July 2013 debut. When RealPlayer Cloud launched in September, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg called it a well-designed product that makes storing and sharing videos easy across different devices. Customers agreed. RealNetworks also announced that within two months, hundreds of thousands of users have set up RealPlayer Cloud accounts and uploaded tens of terabytes of video.

RealPlayer Cloud Now Integrated with Chromecast
RealNetworks’ RealPlayer Cloud, a dual-purpose video player and cloud service, has announced its new partnership with Google’s Chromecast. Consumers can now watch their personal video collection on their TV by accessing content on the RealPlayer Cloud through its own app, pushing the content to a TV using the Chromecast dongle.

Vevo, Songza, RealNetworks Announce Chromecast Support
Troy Dreier,
RealNetworks added Chromecast support to its RealPlayer Cloud iOS and Android apps, letting viewers cast their own personal videos to their televisions.

Google’s Chromecast Dongle Receives Update with RealPlayer Cloud
Jamie Harris, Digital Spy
Google has also introduced RealPlayer Cloud to the dongle, making it possible to stream local content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop to the living room screen.

Google Chromecast Gets 10 New Apps, including RealPlayer Cloud
Todd Bishop, GeekWire
Google this morning announced 10 new apps for Google Chromecast, including support for RealPlayer Cloud, the new video player and cloud service from Seattle-based RealNetworks. The integration will let RealPlayer Cloud users ‘cast’ their personal videos from devices to the television via the Chromecast dongle.

Chromecast Gets Plex, Vevo, RealPlayer, Viki and More with Massive App Update
Janko Roettgers, GigaOM
And there’s one more option for personal media: RealNetworks added Chromecast to its RealPlayer Cloud Tuesday, which is the company’s new cloud storage and playback offering for all your mobile media. Chromecast users can now use it to cast videos from iOS, Android and the web. Users who are logged into the same account can also play content from other devices in the same network, and for example use their iPad to cast videos stored on their phone.

RealPlayer Cloud Streams Local and Cloud Video to Chromecast
Tom Leskin, GottaBeMobile
RealPlayer Cloud, which launched in September, now lets users watch their local and cloud videos on their TV through Chromecast. The company says that with its SurePlayTM technology, RealPlayer Cloud ensures videos cast from the app are automatically formatted to give viewers the highest quality experience possible. Once sent to the TV, users can control playback of the video via the RealPlayer Cloud app on their mobile device or PC.

5 Things you Missed: Chromecast adds RealPlayer Cloud, more
Dan Lewis, San Jose Mercury News
Google Chromecast added ten new apps today, with new streaming content now available from Vevo, Songza, RealPlayer Cloud, and others. Google confirmed the news with a post on their social media network, Google+.

Chromecast App Selection Expands with VEVO, Plex, RealPlayer
Chris Burns, SlashGear
If you thought for a second you’d heard the end of news on RealPlayer, you were wrong. They’ve also made clear that they’ll be working with their RealPlayer Cloud app by the end of the month with Chromecast as well – have at it!

Google Chromecast Now Supports RealPlayerCloud, Vevo, Plex, Songza and Six Other Apps
Ben Woods, The Next Web
As well as adding support for streaming services, a post on Google+ confirmed that you can now also cast your own personal media using RealPlayer Cloud.

Rich Jaroslovsky Reviews RealPlayer Cloud Service
Rich Jaroslovsky, Bloomberg TV
Bloomberg’s Rich Jaroslovsky reviews RealNetworks Inc.’s RealPlayer Cloud service, which allows online storage of video and the viewing and sharing of video on different types of devices. (video)

RealPlayer Simplifies Video Sharing: Rich Jaroslovsky
Rich Jaroslovsky, Bloomberg
Until now, that could have plunged you into a frustrating world of obscure technical jargon, not to mention running into file-size limits imposed by your e-mail system. But a new service from digital-media pioneer RealNetworks reduces the pain considerably. It’s called RealPlayer Cloud, and it combines online viewing, sharing and storage into a smooth, comprehensive experience.

App Weekender: 50 New Apps you Should Try this Weekend – RealPlayer Cloud
Antonio Wells, Android Tapp
No more worrying about formatting or converting videos, or carrying HDMI and USB cables. It just works.

RealPlayer Cloud for iOS Gets an Update with Performance Enhancements
The official RealPlayer Cloud app for iOS has been revamped with a slew of performance enhancements, including upgraded device sharing connectivity to other devices.

RealPlayer Cloud Boasts Cross-Platform And Multi-Format ‘SurePlay’ For Videos
Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice
RealNetworks recently launched RealPlayer Cloud, its cloud storage service that lets you save, watch, and share your videos on various devices across different platforms, including, of course, iOS. As a matter of fact, the official RealPlayer Cloud app for iOS has just been updated with a number of improvements, including faster contact search when sharing and better device sharing connectivity to other devices.

RealNetworks Unveils RealPlayer Cloud
Joseph Keller, iMore
You can save, watch, and share videos across multiple devices. RealPlayer can display multiple video formats on supported platforms, for example, letting you take a video on your iPhone and easily watch it on an Android device.

Move, Watch, Share Videos with New RealPlayer Cloud
Kevin Parrish, Tom’s Guide
Seattle-based RealNetworks is looking to gain traction in the social realm by launching a cloud-based service with an integrated video player for storing, watching and sharing video content across multiple platforms. Called RealPlayer Cloud, the new service provides users with 2 GB of free storage space and optional subscription models for those who need a little (or lots) more.

The Cloud Gets ‘Real’
Seeking Alpha
Rather than encoding video before being uploaded, RealPlayer Cloud utilizes proprietary SurePlay technology to convert video automatically in the cloud. RealPlayer Cloud optimizes the encoding process so that video can be replayed while it is still being uploaded.

TechBit: RealPlayer Cloud – Sharing Made Simple
Hayley Tsukayama, The Washington Post
RealNetworks — whose name you may remember from RealPlayer — is taking its multimedia know-how and applying it to video storage and sharing. The RealPlayer Cloud app works across multiple platforms — mobile, PC and Web — and makes it so that any video can play on any of those devices.

RealPlayer Cloud Opens Video Sharing to Multiple Devices
Jeff Chabot, HD Report
The new service from RealPlayer allows to securely store your videos in the cloud, move them across your devices, and watch them by either streaming or downloading first. You can also share your videos directly from your phone, PC or tablet with friends, even if they don’t have the RealPlayer app.

Interactive TV Headlines Round-Up (III): Intel, Amazon, Samsung, iPowow, Keshet, MakoTV, NBCUniversal, Lexus, Netflix, Qwilt, Mediacom, RealNetworks, Rentrak, Roku
Tracy Swedlow, InteractiveTV Today
RealNetworks launches RealPlayer Cloud Integrated Video Player and Cloud Service, Billed as “Allow[ing] People to Seamlessly Move, Watch, Save and Share their Videos across any Device”; Features SurePlay Technology which “Enables Seamless Auto-Formatting of Videos to Fit the Device Type, Size of Screen, Available Bandwidth and Storage Space Available on the Device”

RealPlayer is Making a Comeback! New Software Allows Users to Share Videos to Multiple Devices
Julie S., Headlines & Global News
RealNetworks’ RealPlayer, formerly known as RealPlayer One, is making a comeback and this time will allow users to share videos and clips to multiple devices.

RealNetworks Fights for Web Eyeballs With Cloud Video Service
Adario Strange, Mashable
The new service is particularly interesting because it bucks the trend of attempting to close Internet video viewers off into a particular ecosystem and will work on five major platforms including Apple’s iOS, Android, Roku, Windows PCs and direct to any web browser.

RealNetworks introduces video sharing cloud – with SurePlay
Myce, Domin8tor
When an user requests the video, the system determines which video to stream over HTTP Live Streaming, however it’s also possible to download the file with progressive downloading. Progressive download means that the file can be played during the download. By subscribing to a paid plan you can get more storage capacity, higher bandwidth and more video quality formats.

RealNetworks Goes New School With RealPlayer Cloud
The web video pioneer unveiled a new cloud service that allows users to share videos easily with friends and family. Videos can be downloaded for off-line viewing.

Get Your Videos Online and Fast Through RealPlayer Cloud
Jaycee De Guzman, Online Gadget Store
RealPlayer Cloud has the ability to reformat videos uploaded to its software. When the videos are being downloaded, it will automatically convert to a file type that is compatible with the specific device where it is being stored. It also considers the screen size, aspect ratio and size.

RealNetworks Returns With RealPlayer Cloud
Stephanie Mlot, PC Magazine
The first video player and cloud service in one, RealPlayer Cloud allows users to move, watch, save, and share videos across any device, without the hassle of converting files or plugging in wires.

RealNetworks Launches RealPlayer Cloud, Cross-Platform Storage and Video Playback Service
Shawn Knight, TechSpot
RealNetworks has entered the cloud storage market with their just-released RealPlayer Cloud app. The service, which offers 2GB of free storage to new users, differentiates itself from the crowd of cloud storage providers in that it’s designed to store and share video clips only.

RealNetworks Launches RealPlayer Cloud
Daniel Perez, Ubergizmo
RealNetworks is introducing a new service called RealPlayer Cloud, which allows users to upload video files onto the company’s servers, which would then instantly become accessible across all of their devices, as well as have the ability to share this content with their friends. Instead of being just another media player on your computer, RealNetworks wants its RealPlayer Cloud to be your central hub for all of your personal videos.

RealNetworks Announces RealPlayer Cloud to Access Video from Any Device
Pulse 2.0
Apps do not even need to be installed for watching the videos. You can e-mail videos using a link and it can be played on most devices that use a modern browser.

RealPlayer Gets Appy, Mobile and Cloudy
Brier Dudley, Seattle Times
RealNetworks has radically redesigned its venerable media player software in a bid to make it relevant and appealing in today’s era of connected mobile devices.

RealNetworks Unveils RealPlayer Cloud
Haseeb Ali, SNL
RealNetworks Inc. launched RealPlayer Cloud, an integrated video player and cloud service. RealPlayer Cloud lets users move, watch, save and share their videos across any device.

A Comeback Product for Not-Dead-Yet RealNetworks
Steve Wildstrom, Tech.pinions
Younger internet users may never have heard of RealNetworks. But the Seattle-based company was once a major media pioneer, inventing postage-stamp-sized streaming video back in the days of dial-up connections and creating Rhapsody, the first subscription music service.

Once-Mighty RealNetworks Returns to Battle for Soul of Web Video
Cade Metz, WIRED
RealNetworks Cloud Player seeks to give you a simpler and easier means of not only storing and watching videos on the web, but downloading those videos onto your phones and tablets for viewing even when you’re offline. It seamlessly converts videos into a format that’s compatible with the device you’re using right now, thanks to apps that run on Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and Windows PCs. “We will be the company that puts you across devices with videos, the way Dropbox does with documents.” – Rob Glasser, founder of RealNetworks.

RealNetworks Unveils RealPlayer Cloud in Video Service Bid
Kara Swisher, AllThingsD
The service is aimed at a still-vexing problem for many consumers of easily moving, storing and watching their videos on the myriad of devices that have cropped up over the past several years. While there have been numerous and interoperable photo services available, that has not been true for more complicated videos.

RealPlayer Cloud Announced, Lets You Access Your Video Anywhere
Juan Carlos Torres, Android Community
Together with the cloud service, RealPlayer is also releasing companion apps that will enable users to access RealPlayer Cloud from a variety of devices. Supported devices include any Android or iOS device, Windows PCs, and even TVs via Roku Players. But users don’t need an app just to be able to watch a video as RealPlayer Cloud also supports streaming to a web browser.

RealNetworks Introduces RealPlayer Cloud
Robert Briel, Broadband TV News
RealNetworks has launched RealPlayer Cloud, the first integrated video player and cloud service, allowing people to seamlessly move, watch, save, and share their videos across any device.

RealNetworks’ Reinvention
Jennifer L. Schenker, Informilo
Uploading videos to YouTube is easy enough. But viewing and sharing them on multiple devices? Not so much. Enter media software company RealNetworks, which plans to announce the global rollout of its cloud storage and sharing service RealPlayer Cloud at DLD14 in Munich.

RealNetworks Launches Cloud-Based Video Player
Smart Brief
RealPlayer Cloud is being hailed as RealNetworks’ bid to return to prominence in online media, offering an integrated video player and cloud service.

RealNetworks Tries to Get Back in Sync with New ‘RealPlayer Cloud’ Service
Todd Bishop, Geek Wire
The new RealPlayer Cloud service lets users upload videos for quick access a variety devices — creating a centralized dashboard of videos for personal use, and making it easier to share videos via email and social media.

1990s Video Giant RealPlayer Hopes to Make a Comeback with a New Cloud-Based Product
Andrew Sadauskas, Smart Company
Aside from its gaming efforts, the company is attempting to make a comeback in the streaming video market with a paid cloud-based video storage service called RealPlayer Cloud. Subscribers to the video service can then replay their videos on apps for a range of platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, Web and Roku.

TechFlash: 7 Things You Need to Know 
Joe Dwyer, St. Louis Business Journal
RealPlayer was still a thing, but it just launched a new cloud service for video sharing.

[New App] RealPlayer Cloud Lets You UpLoad Your Video Library And Stream To Any Device, Comes With 2GB Of Free Storage
Bertel King, Jr., Android Police
RealPlayer Cloud lets you do quite a bit more than just upload a video and watch it. If you have connected device on the same Wi-Fi network they can see each other and share and download videos. If you are going to hit the road or know you will be stuck without a data connection, you can download the video for offline viewing. It gets a little better, you can add any video in any format to the RealPlayer cloud. This includes FLV, WMV, MKV, DIVX, XVID, MOV, AVI and MP4. The player will automatically adjust the video for the device screen size, bandwidth and device type. Not a bad set up really.

RealNetworks Brings RealPlayer Cloud Out for Free with 2GB of Storage
Android Spin
RealNetworks has announced, and subsequently released, RealPlayer Cloud to the world today. Giving Android, iOS, PC’s Roku and popular web browsers yet another place to upload, share and watch those priceless videos you undoubtedly have stored all over the place.

RealNetworks Simplifies Video Sharing with RealPlayer Cloud
Mark Wilson, BetaNews
The idea is that users do not have to worry about the platform videos will be viewed on, or the format they are saved in. There are a huge number of video codecs in use, so the appeal of something that helps to overcome compatibility issues is understandable.

RealNetworks Takes Video Sharing to the Cloud
Cory Johnson, Bloomberg West TV
The company’s new cloud video service allows easy sharing of personal content on any platform.

RealPlayer Cloud Launches, Offers Online Storage, Video Reformatting
The automatic format changes, dubbed SurePlay, will take into account the type of device, the screen size, how fast Internet access is for the device, and how much local storage is available, allowing for a higher quality of video when viewed on a television at home as well as accommodating smartphones and tablets. Sharing video with friends is also catered for, with video playback provided on the guest device without needing to download and install an app before viewing.

RealPlayer Wants to Come Back Into Your Life
Pranav Dixit, Fast Company
“The amount of video content that consumers are capturing and watching is exploding, but moving that video around is often painfully difficult,” says Rob Glaser, founder of RealNetworks. What RealPlayer Cloud allows you to do is upload, save and share videos with friends or simply among your various devices.

RealPlayer Cloud Lets You Upload, Share and Watch Your Videos Anywhere
Michael Andronico, Laptop
Looking to do for video what Dropbox has done for documents, RealNetworks has launched RealPlayer Cloud, a platform that lets you upload, share and watch videos from a mobile device. It’s available now for free on iOS, Android, PC, and Roku.

RealNetworks’ Service Expands Video Sharing
Benny Evangelista, San Francisco Chronicle
Even the free service creates several different versions of the same video to play back on the various devices at the correct resolutions. In a recent demonstration, Jeff Chasen, RealNetworks’ vice president of product and software development, shot a short video on his iPhone, uploaded it to the cloud, then within seconds was able to play it on a laptop, an Android phone, an iPad and a big screen HDTV connected to a Roku streaming media player. He also downloaded the video to the iPad to watch offline.

Hands-on with RealPlayer Cloud, the Latest Attempt at Easy Video Sharing
Jonathan Seff, TechHive
A recipient doesn’t need any special software to watch—videos play on iOS and Android devices, Windows PCs and Macs, and Roku hardware (as well as the Apple TV via AirPlay). And recipients can also download shared files, as can you for offline viewing.

RealNetworks Takes on Personal Video Sharing Space with RealPlayer Cloud
Ravi Mandalia, TechieNews
RealPlayer Cloud is a direct result of efforts put into place by RealNetworks’ returning CEO Rob Glaser and a 100 man team. Glaser was keen on developing an iOS version of the player as soon as he returned to the company after he was forced out in 2010. The company didn’t create an iOS version of its player because it didn’t have a business model that could support the player.

Mossberg Reviews RealPlayer Cloud Video Service
Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal LIVE
Shooting video on smart phones and tablets is popular today, but sharing those videos and making sure they play on all types of devices is a bit tricky. Walt Mossberg reviews RealPlayer Cloud, which aims to make it much easier.

Cloud Video for You and Your Friends’ Many Devices
Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal
Now, RealNetworks, the media-software company whose last major product launch was in 2008, is aiming to make video storage, portability and sharing a no-brainer with a new service called RealPlayer Cloud. It lets users of many different devices store their videos online; stream or download them; share them with others (even if the recipients lack Real’s software); and move videos easily among devices on the same network. It also has built-in playback and sharing of your friends’ Facebook videos.
Real boasts that its new service reformats videos to best suit the device to which you stream or download them, taking into account device type, screen size, bandwidth and storage space.

Company News & Highlights

17 Top Music Execs On Giving Back, The Charities They Support and Their Love For UJA
Ray Rogers, Billboard
RealNetworks’s Rob Glaser, 53, Founder/Chairman/CEO, RealNetworks; Co-Chairman, Rhapsody (2004) is named one of the top 17 music execs on giving back, the charities they support and their love for UJA. “Tikkun olam is a Hebrew phrase that signifies humanity’s shared responsibility to heal, repair and transform the world. It connotes social action and the pursuit of social justice.”

RealNetworks Sells Slingo and Social Casino Division for $18 million
RealNetworks will sell its Slingo bingo/slot machine hybrid game franchise and its Social Casino division to Gaming Realms for $18 million, according to a report. Along with the sale of these assets, 60 employees will be shifted to the new company.

RealNetworks Reappoints Founder as New Permanent CEO
Gaming Intelligence
Seattle-based online media distribution provider RealNetworks has appointed its founder Rob Glaser as permanent chief executive. Glaser returns as chief executive having spent the past two years as interim chief executive following the departure of Thomas Nielsen in July 2012.

He’s Back — Rob Glaser Returns As Permanent CEO of RealNetworks
David Bloom, Deadline
Rob Glaser, who founded streaming-audio and -video pioneer RealNetworks 20 years ago after a decade at Microsoft, and who returned in 2012 as interim CEO, agreed to become permanent CEO again, the company’s board said in SEC filings…

RealNetworks Unveils Founder as New CEO with Aim of Becoming ‘the Video Cloud Service’ of the Next 10 Years
Jamie Hinks, IT Pro Portal
RealNetworks has taken it back to the old school by appointing its founder and long-time CEO Rob Glaser to the exact position he vacated four years ago. Glaser, who has been working as interim CEO for the past two years, has been given the keys to the company on a permanent basis and is being tasked with turning the company’s fortunes around by moving it to the cloud.

RealNetworks’ Glaser Back For Good
Northwest Innovation
Rob Glaser, the founder of Seattle’s RealNetworks, is back on a permanent basis at the company, after serving as interim CEO for the last two years. Glaser said this week that he will stay at RealNetworks on a permanent basis, as he continues to move the company forward…

Glaser Named Permanent CEO at RealNetworks
Ben Miller, Puget Sound Business Journal
After running the company on an “interim” basis for the past two years, Rob Glaser has been named permanent CEO at RealNetworks Inc. Glaser founded the company in 1994 and served as CEO until January 2010.

RealNetworks Names Rob Glaser its Permanent CEO
Dara Karr, CNET
The company’s founder finds himself back at the helm with plans to keep pushing forward with services like RealPlayer Cloud and Rhapsody.

Glaser takes Permanent CEO Status at RealNetworks
Samantha Bookman, Fierce Online Video
After two years searching for a new leader, pioneering online video platform RealNetworks announced that Rob Glaser, who founded the company in 1994, left in 2010 and returned as interim CEO in 2012, will continue onward as permanent CEO.

Rob Glaser is Officially Back as RealNetworks CEO, Shedding ‘Interim’ Title After Two Years
Todd Bishop, GeekWire
More than two years after returning as the interim CEO of RealNetworks, founder Rob Glaser was named the company’s permanent chief executive this afternoon — shedding the “interim” title and officially reclaiming the position that he held for more than 15 years.

Rob Glaser Named Permanent CEO of RealNetworks
Jeff Baumgartner, Multichannel News
Rob Glaser has been appointed permanent CEO of RealNetworks, shedding the “interim” tag he’s carried for about two years at the company he founded in 1994. As RealNetworks’ permanent CEO, Glaser will try to complete the company’s transition and turnaround, which includes a heavier emphasis on cloud-based, multi-device products and the revitalization of the Rhapsody subscription music service.

Interim No More: Rob Glaser Named Permanent CEO of RealNetworks
Kara Swisher, Re/Code
Rob Glaser, who founded RealNetworks in 1994 and served as its CEO until 2010, has been named permanent CEO of the Seattle-based digital media company. He has been interim CEO for the last two years, trying to turn around RealNetworks, including a move of its business to the cloud.

RealNetworks’ New Boss Same as the Old Boss
Brier Dudley, The Seattle Times
Today, Real announced that Glaser decided to drop the interim title and become Real’s permanent chief executive. He’ll continue guiding the streaming media pioneer’s ongoing reinvention into a provider of various media and mobile services. “In the 2 years I’ve been interim CEO, we’ve made tremendous progress revitalizing Real’s leadership team and products,” he said in a release.

Glaser Made Permanent CEO Again at RealNetworks
Don Clark, The Wall Street Journal
RealNetworks Inc. said its board has decided to give the permanent chief executive position to Rob Glasner…

RealNetworks Hires Former Openwave CEO as President, Unites Two Largest Divisions
Todd Bishop, GeekWire
RealNetworks has hired Mike Mulica, the former CEO of mobile pioneer Openwave, as its new president of worldwide sales and business development, bolstering its executive ranks as the company tries to turn itself around under founder Rob Glaser.

RealNetworks Taps Former Openwave CEO Mike Mulica to Head Sales
Ina Fried, Re/Code
Seattle-based RealNetworks said Tuesday it has hired former Openwave CEO Mike Mulica as president of sales and business development. Mulica will serve alongside Max Pellegrini, who has been head of the company’s mobile unit and will now serve as president of products and marketing, with both reporting to interim CEO Rob Glaser.

RealNetworks Aims at Mobile in Latest Leadership Moves
Brandon Brown, The Seattle Times
RealNetworks made another top-level management shift Tuesday in hopes of staying more competitive in the mobile media market. The Seattle-based digital-media company named Mike Mulica as president of worldwide sales and business development.

RealNetworks Names Two Executives to Senior Posts
Mike Mulica, Max Pellegrini Named to What Chief Executive Calls Key Leadership Posts
Don Clark, The Wall Street Journal
RealNetworks Inc., continuing a turnaround effort under interim chief executive Rob Glaser, is placing two men in what he describes as key leadership posts.

What It Means to Wear Headphones at Work
Rob Walker, Yahoo! Tech
RealNetworks’ Seattle headquarters used to be mostly offices, but in the fall the company moved into a space that’s almost entirely open plan.“When I walk the halls now I see way more headphones, for obvious reasons,” says founder and Chairman Rob Glaser, the tech-audio pioneer. No single brand seems to dominate, but there are far more over-ear headphones than ear buds…

Video tour: RealNetworks’ New Offices Have Helped Reenergize Seattle Company
John Cook, GeekWire
RealNetworks just moved into the top three floors of Home Plate Center, a newly-constructed building in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. The space offers some amazing panoramic views of the city’s skyline and is just a stone’s throw away from Safeco Field, home of the city’s professional baseball team.

How a New Office Can Save You $7 Million
Natalie Grasso, Work Design Magazine
In their new space, RealNetworks has reduced their square footage by more than 50 percent, and increased the number of conference room shares and conference room availability by over 200 percent. They’ll be saving over $7 million each year and are pursuing LEED Gold certification. The Class A building has dozens of open workspaces, and an open staircase to each of the three floors. Their light-filled café is equipped with a kegerator and offers employees a deck with 270 degree view of the city and nearby stadiums.

RealPlayer Enters Social Casino Sphere with GameHouse Casino Plus
Tom Scurry, BlackJack Champ
So, what else is this old school video star up to, aside from their attempts to conquer the world of mobile slots? Well, they’ve also launched a new video streaming service based in the cloud and called RealPlayer Cloud. Imaginative.

RealNetworks Banks on Cloud for Video-Sharing Comeback
Peter Suciu, E-Commerce Times
Billed by the company as the first integrated video player and cloud service, RealPlayer Cloud automatically transforms video formats in the cloud to give viewers the highest-quality experience possible, no matter what device or screen size.

Internet Pioneer RealNetworks Seeks Revival
Nick Wingfield, New York Times
With its new service, RealPlayer Cloud, the company is seeking to eliminate the hassles that can make sharing personal videos a challenge.

RealNetworks Bets On Cross-Device Video Sharing With RealPlayer Cloud
Anthony Ha, TechCrunch
RealPlayer Cloud isn’t just about mobile. Instead, it’s about being able to view video content on any platform, including the TV.

With its New Cloud Player, RealNetworks is Trying the Next Big Turnaround
Janko Roettgers, GigaOm
RealPlayer Cloud is a new product the company is launching to address the growing desire among consumers to share videos they have recorded with their phones and tablets . . . Real wants to open up the living room to personal media through its Roku app.

Real Networks Is Back To Whip Your Home Movie Collection Into Shape
Andrew Tarantola, Gizmodo
I came away very impressed. The cloud-based service is fast—I could start watching a video that was only half uploaded without issue—and it takes the guesswork out of converting and sharing video.

RealNetworks is Back
Josh Wein, FierceOnlineVideo
Remember the RealPlayer? If you streamed much media online circa 1999, chances were pretty good you used it. RealNetworks, the company behind that player, is back with a new product called RealPlayer Cloud.

Rob Glaser: Raising RealNetworks From The Dead
Tom Taulli, Forbes
Founder and CEO of the company, Rob Glaser, thinks RealNetworks can be revitalized. And his strategy is fairly straightforward: focus on making good products. “I’ve always been a product guy,” said Rob. “I carry both an iPhone and Android.” So what new product has he cooked up? Well, he is launching something called RealPlayer Cloud, which allows for sharing of videos.

Can the new RealPlayer save RealNetworks?
Emily Parkhurst, Puget Sound Business Journal
It’s a simple idea with a deceptively complex solution delivered simply – that’s the strength of the new RealPlayer Cloud service.

RealNetworks Aims for Comeback with New Video Software
Jonathan Weber, Reuters
The new software addresses the problem of incompatibility among video formats on various devices, allowing customers to upload a video which can then be viewed and shared on a PC, a tablet, an iPhone, an Android device or a TV set. Glaser said the RealNetwork brand still had considerable power, noting that some 100,000 people had signed up to be notified about an iPhone RealPlayer from a simple solicitation on the RealNetworks mobile website.


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