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Access your video collection anywhere, on any PC, tablet or smartphone. Keep yourself and the kids entertained for the entire trip – no Wi-Fi needed.

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Some family memories are better off staying in the family – pick and choose who to share with.

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Store your videos in a private cloud drive – no worries if you drop your phone again!

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Stream videos in HD to your TV and gather the family around with popcorn.

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A new kind of cloud watching

The easiest way to watch, save and share your videos. Backup videos from your smartphone, tablet and PC to keep them safe in your personal cloud drive. You can access them anytime, anywhere, and even stream them to your big screen TV!

The best thing about the app is that it just works. There’s no lengthy uploading and downloading, no wires, and no conversion – everything is auto-formatted in the background, so your videos go where you go, and can be shared with anyone, even your tech-averse relatives!

Cloud drive interface shows shared videos being accessed and watched on tablet, smartphone, laptop PC and HDTV.

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